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17 Comments on “OBDM873 – Stonks | UFO Patents and Space Time Weapons | Strange News”

  1. Goes to Mexico & brings all his problems with him. It's when the dogs are not being fed, you need to start worrying.

  2. We are the little fish think the meme was telling the little fish to organize against the big fish ? NOT get big & eat all the other fish wtf ..

  3. It'd be cool if you guys got boots on the ground and went searching for ufos, bigfoot or ghosts. Joe's already in Mexico, probably good for skywatching/star gazing.

  4. Por favor Joe get a good elote en vaso and some beans ala charra . Ranch beans trust me it's life changing. Solfeggio frequencies will help you sleep through the noise

  5. Don't you dare. It's quesadilla cheese and those aren't cheap for fuck .I put chorizo kielbasa bacon in my beans just for starters. If your missing a limb you'll grow it back in mine . Don't believe me look at my instagram

  6. You guys should touch on the Mandela effect and also maybe life after death stories or reincarnation etc.

  7. Kinda thought you all knew there's a Great Reset going on including a global banking overhaul to bring in their digital currency. If they can blame the banking system failure on domestic financial "terrorists" they will. Doubtful any of this is organic whatsoever.

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