OBDM895 – End of World 2040 | Navy UFO Update | Strange News

Starts at: 3:19
Depopulation 2040: 9:15
Pyramid UFO and the Navy: 22:35
Open Lines: 44:15
Gas Attack: 1:03:19

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19 Comments on “OBDM895 – End of World 2040 | Navy UFO Update | Strange News”

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  2. Great show tonight gents……✌
    I'd love your opinion on how nobody has got crystal clear footage of a UFO given the quality of civilian photographic tech (I have the obligatory P900 and Zero, I mean zero experience or photo knowledge but I can zoom in on a 747 on my stand and get perfect footage)
    I'm a complete believer on 99% of what you guys talk about so I promise this isn't a troll/looking for an argument comment, I'd just like your guys opinion…✌

  3. Lisa Haven has always been an alarmist, it's like she's the one woman who takes everything AJ says as gospel. Weird how she's still on themtube too, almost literally everyone from her flavor genre is long gone…

  4. US Russia and China have this antigravity crafts hell they even have active patents on them. Steven Kwast said in his addressing in Hillsdale College that US have amazing advanced technology but also that Russia and China have secret space navy and ships in range of battleships and destroyers in space this was in 2019. Also Michio Kaku said week ago that this is probably Russia or China advanced technology and Mark Warner US Senator said this also two days ago.

  5. Lookin good boys. Thanks for your work.
    Hey Mike. Is it still as much fun as it was in the early years?

    Jeff from Jersey
    Waste with Me

  6. They killed Hans rosling who would have debunked this. The so called computer experts are nobodies in the field . Ask anyone who knows

  7. Hi guys.I dont think its drones from China.What info,apart from location,can a drone gain by flying over a ship at sea?And to get that info they could fly high without being seen by cameras.The Iris thing could be an answer tho.

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