OBDM900 – News Attack! UFOs, Bigfoot, Hackers and Steven Seagal

Starts at: 4:42
Navy Jetpack: 9:10
North Texas UFO: 16:33
Bigfoot on the phone: 22:20
Austin Crime Problem: 33:09
CV Fertility: 41:40
CV Passport Data Leak: 45:00
Birds attack!: 55:30
Sonic Attack in DC: 1:05:50
Open Lines: 1:09:20
Mind-Uploading: 1:40:30
Steven Seagal: 1:46:23


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► Everything we do could be considered performance art
► Satire and Parody are often used
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25 Comments on “OBDM900 – News Attack! UFOs, Bigfoot, Hackers and Steven Seagal”

  1. Never let Bigfoot speak again, outside of dick beefy. He’s the only one who made sense.

  2. I love you guys banter. I watch to much political or conspiratorial bullshit. I enjoy the outside view. It's like coast to coast AM with a healthy sense of humor. I'm mikey wolverine, G.I. joe can suck it. 😁

  3. Feel better…. write down youre settings. I cant go against stream labs !
    Can you guys get whacky ufo sounds? Like simpsoms or is that pay to win podcast? ?

    Any water crypoids latley?

  4. The amount of money you get in scrap metal for those is crazy. It was so bad in certain areas that they were stealing plaques in cemeteries. I was getting 4$ a pound for scrap copper when I was doing electrical for a crane yard in JAX. 💲💲💲

  5. If you haven't already, go back and watch the interview / previous show with Sam Tripoli. 🔥👀🏃

  6. When people are in a nasty mood I like to tickle them and sing "Dancing Queen". It escalates things really quick and then they aren't in a bad mood anymore.

  7. In the latest episode of the show "Top Gear" in England he races a man in a jet pack up a mountain (Google top gear jet pack if you want?) I believe its the same type that the Navy are using in your clip. I don't like heights myself or contraptions that are likely to kill you so I feel I would be dropping liquid brown all over whatever/whoever was below me! Great show fella's !!

  8. I went to Paris when I was 18. I went in the LaCoste clothing store to buy a ridiculously expensive T-shirt. The shop owner evicted me from his shop using a yard-brush which he prodded me with until I left! I had a pile of French cash which he had no interest in? I think it may have been because I'm English but 30 years later I'm still not sure what happened! So the point is I concur with Texas's French visitor policy!

  9. Swear to everything. I'm sitting on some mountain in Colorado and witnessed the strangest "line of unknown flying stars" I've ever seen. At least 100 long. In a perfect straight line, snapped pictures, but video didn't turn out. What was it?!?!

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