OBDM906 – Monster May: The Mantis Man | Biden on UFOs | Strange News

Starts at: 3:05
Monster May | Mantis Man: 9:40
Biden on UFOs: 38:10
Bigfoot News: 57:05
Open Lines: 1:16:00
Strange News: 1:35:00

Mike’s Tik Tok: mid.night.mike
#MantisMan #Disclosure

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18 Comments on “OBDM906 – Monster May: The Mantis Man | Biden on UFOs | Strange News”

  1. The baseball bird explosion is the most tragically hilarious gif I think I've ever seen.

  2. I didn’t try to call in today w/ a bad phone connection, but if I had i would’ve immediately apologized in Cantonese.

  3. Great show guys. Mike i think you and sam should try and get Richard Dolan and Daniel Liszt from DarkJournalist on The Union of the unwanted for a debate on TTSA and UFO disclosure. They clearly have different opinions on what's going on and both are excellent researchers.

  4. Midnight Mike with the combed hair looking like Bob Oedenkirk's brother. Love the Monster May. Piss be with you.

  5. I can confirm, Mantis Man carries his fishing license in his prison pocket.

  6. UFO vs UAP ??
    Im sure the different terms have something to do with deniability.
    A loophole. Backdoor. Way out.
    These people have money, time, manpower, experience, etc…
    Whatever is going to happen, will not have any details left to chance.

  7. One theory among SOME Antarctica Support personnel, is that the UFO's/USP's are going to be disclosed as simply belonging to a previously unknown race of "humans". Possibly, an offshoot, or original "Parent Race" contacted at the South Pole, or from the Ocean Depths.
    Whether it's true or not, the story skips a lot of complications, quells certain fears, can create a kind of positive outcome. People get to find out they r actually, very advanced. And they have a spevies "Big Brother".
    Annall-purpose lie.

  8. C'MON MAN! Mike! You blew right over the Yowie footage. Cretched, these guys don't have cell phone FLIR, they have expensive stuff. Watch the video. You guys don't like like it when news people laugh and make fun of UFO stuff but you're doing it too in this case, funny yes but maybe look at the stuff from the creators instead of shitty news sites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0sg9z7efPU&t=87s

  9. This was a damn, damn good episode!
    Funny drops.
    Good banter.
    No third-wheels.
    Callers were mostly considerate.

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