OH YEAH! Best UFO Videos Of March 2015 [Huge UFO News] Share This!

OH YEAH! Best UFO Videos Of March 2015 [Huge UFO News] This is what went down at Thirdphaseofmoon for the month of March 2015! Sub Now Not To Miss What Happens Next! Details On All UFO Submitted To TPOM Credits and Testimony Below~

Massive Alien Ship Visits ISS Caught On Video! Astonishing Footage and Incredible Detail! Original Link To Nasa Footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m34WYszUt7g

Robert D. Morningstar a civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City. He received a degree in psychology from Fordham University. An expert in Chinese language, history, martial arts and is a FAA-licensed pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor with 23 years of flying experience. Robert has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 40 years and has published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception in the JFK Assassination and his work is cited in major books on the assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde’s “The Assassination of America” and “Conspiracy Science” by Prof. James Fetzer. He has also written extensively to expose NASA’s use of ‘Disinformation Technology’ in suppressing evidence of extraterrestrial life and exposing the real nature and threat of the UFO phenomenon. He is currently the Associate Editor of UFO Digest Websites: www.ufodigest.com

Alien Telepathic Contact With Humans! Caught On video 2015 CIA/Mufon Conspiracy? Did Mufon Jeopardize UFO Videos To the CIA? Alex Guevara and Dan Woerner Share Incredible Video In An Exclusive Interview To Thirdphaseofmoon!

“To download a free chronologic reference of extraterrestrial events, please go to www.ETCARE.org.”I http://etcare.my-free.website/

Huge Triangle Shaped UFO Over Volcano! Quote From UFO Hunter Dick Martin “Here are some UFO photos around the Volcano Colima. It’s an everyday thing. All photos are available at WEBCAMSDEMEXICO.COM to verify authenticity. I check the webcam every morning and each day I find something that is explainable. The triangle ship so far is the most interesting.”

Thirdphaseofmoon is looking for the best UFO footage Shot by People Like you from Around The World! Upload your ufo Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! cousinsbrothersproductions@gmail.com Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

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27 Comments on “OH YEAH! Best UFO Videos Of March 2015 [Huge UFO News] Share This!”

  1. I have seen ufos in the state of Washington state. ball of green fire fallowing strikes of little ufos it was amazing

  2. yep   yet more BS
    is that all you want to spread?  BS
    there are real cases out there.   it's like you are trying to only show the fake crap
    and it's BEYOND CLEAR that it's fake.   you have to have very very low IQ to think this is real lolololol

  3. I have a spread sheet of all the different space crafts that are being posted to your channel if the space crafts are different it means they are different races I have spread but will not show it to anyone but I will tell you that the triangle shaped space craft and the space craft that was seen in this video am posting on

  4. Found this channel because I am interested in UFO's since I saw something I couldn't explain when I was young, But if you can feature that obvious fake blue  "craft" and pass it off as fact, its a shame, because I would continue to watch if you could filter out the crap… but nope.

  5. These are real ufos, ur assuming, correct Blake? then why the he'll isn't every local news station doing a segment on this/these "type" of ufo sightings.. just one of the reasons I dont believe the authenticity of these peoples videos.. seems more like they are renactments..hey I guess I'll keep trying to believe and my eyes are on the sky boy..but I think we're alone..

  6. wow this Ed guy and his ufo films are really something that last 1 I just watched looks like some ice cream cone or something cool


  8. Been watching COLONY a bit too much have you……? What CGI program are you copying those drones with? I am a in cinema photography and video editing and production, and anyone who is, is not fooled. I have seen UAV's and IAP's. I believe. I am not after "clicks". I have fun with YouTube. I get paid for the real world video from air craft platforms. NHE's flying military jets to escape? Really. No more chaff, i.e. escape from area 51. Please, stop insulting our intelligence. Use your skills for reality. You will feel better. Thanks!

  9. Нayчу зара6атывать от 190 дол. в сутки. Инфopмация на канале.

  10. Is that the top of a petrol strimmer y is there no clearsky and all fussy dusting over the real truth

  11. You think this nigga would have invested in some killer, top of the line optics after 4yrs of volcano sightings……..!

  12. *3:30 This clip is bull shit! I’ve been in Close quarters with a UFO and a force field they create artificial gravity doesn’t produce a sound other than hum or a hiss, and there is no wind produced as the craft moves through the air. So them trying to use the leaves blowing and saying it was due to a wash coming from the UFO is just bullshit!!!! They move silently and don’t produce a wind wash as the pull themselves and fall through the point in space that they point their gravity propulsion systems at.

  13. Not quite what I saw……two years back I was living close to a beach also close to a NewZealand airport/skyway…. admittance I was exploring daemonology and growing ridiculous amount of a grade weed..please dont let that blind you too the fact that I came out of my under house after feeding the pot,everytime prior a natural scope above…nothing!then boom one day the 3light structure that moved like a marvel ship ~~°—–/°~~~×i had ,zero Intrest In UFO before this and sadly I had a rep of drugs and no one(apart from ye)would genuinely take me seriously.two years later since I moved i seen nothing I must also say more that I can no longer patiently answer my own questions of this event.all I can say is it was a silent night I had 4 400 w bulbs in my room.alot of energy.i owe it to the dedicated to report my sighting.also I heard this cloud traveler prior to my sighting and caught it in decendance (I think)since I have a weird knowing of craft….."knowing"wish I knew more but it's bad enough to be a b.m lover and then aliens disturb the force .please help if any nz folk have similar event around 2017-18 blockhouse bay Beach zone.ph moving slow now hmmmmm

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