21 Comments on “O’Hare UFO Leaked News Footage Seconds Before Broadcast”

  1. Leaked footage seconds before they started a broadcast about the ufo sighting? I don't get the significance

  2. You know the aliens come here on a tour to see how the less civilized half lives…

  3. It's harder to travel vast distances at speed through space than to be invisible A cloaking device would come first. Saucer shapes are not ideal for this travel.I still believe, but they would be smarter than this.

  4. TRUE STORY<<<<<<aleins come here looking for intelligent life,,,BUT didnt find any and left,,,,

  5. The general feeling I am getting is that "he knew it all along" and at the very same moment, wants to get back to normality by laughing at the horrific nature of the reality. The conversation is as if they both expect their families to remain unharmed (on a level that is assuming their normal lives away from this will still exist).
    Still haven't seen these objects and it's pretty hard to believe it even when I can see the people react to it.

  6. They made a movie based on this a few years back Gillian Anderson in it ,think it’s called 🛸.

  7. The conversation before the broadcast was so interesting to see!
    But why don't you ever hear about it again?
    I mean it even came in the news and became a movie which was probably eased down but still.

  8. So interesting that the UFOs keep modernizing with the times. In the past they look completely shit, like all the old star trek models and such and they get sleeker as time goes by and tastes evolve. It's as if people's perception of what a spacecraft looks like changes. Hmmm, I wonder if that's related at all….

  9. What I find most bizarre…..and frustrating about this clip….
    It how the OFF AIR conversation is far more interesting, natural, honest, and sincere than the scripted on air schtick.
    The moment they went live….he immediately led with an "out of this world" pun….as always.
    I get the impression this anchor finds this story genuinely intriguing and worthy. But we never get to see THAT side of reporting on this issue.
    And that is…..frustrating. Very frustrating.

  10. This is what happens when you legalize pot! It was bad enough with the drunks. Now……

  11. I'm grammy Norma I'm old, and I've got gray hair, but I remember when trees are everywhere, and no one have to pay for air, and I say let it grow.

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