'OM' Mantra Present in Sacred Staircase at Darasuram, India

Recently it has been discovered that this Ancient Staircase at the sacred temple is producing the mantra ‘OM’ when tapped or stepped upon, a crazy phenomenon that is NOT a mere coincidence and has raised many questions about our understanding of the past!

Narrated by BuzWeaver:

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38 Comments on “'OM' Mantra Present in Sacred Staircase at Darasuram, India”

  1. OM g 👍🏼👏🏼♥️that was awesOMe

  2. Great vid and I like how you looked into the sun correlations.
    They had an entire musical tradition different from Western music.
    Each raga (roughly a type of musical scale) was associated with different deities, seasons, times of day, and was said to cause different effects.
    Now that's another rabbit hole…lil

  3. I was once taken to a place where the Ohm Shanti Chant was being done when I was a child. I was filled with energy like static electricity that covered my every pore & made my hair stand on end. I could feel it like wind moving through me & this sensation lasted for over 3 days. My parents do not remember taking me there either which is very strange. I have had many strange experiences & to this day still do. I seem to have a connection with the wind & sun although I can't be in the actual sun for long though cause it burns me easily.

  4. I'm happy that you watch Phenomenal Travels Videos! Great job spreading the truth of our history.

  5. You need to find more template. 😊
    You need to focus on big but not famous temples from all over India.

  6. if your gonna do a video entirely based on someone elses research atleast have the respect to link to them in the description praveen is a amazing researcher and deserves more exposure

  7. Indian veds have one shloka which goes like this and this is at least 5000 years old shloka or saying which is in written state.
    "jug shahstra yojan par bhanu"
    It actually explains earth distance from moon and its pretty accurate rest I will leave you guys to research and Google copy paste pls

  8. We should remember that it was The Fallen that taught man many things as described in the Bible and The Book of Enoch. Investigating these ancient mysteries should be done with this understanding in hand in order to fully create a technology that combines the spirit, mind and science as it was done before the fall of man. To do otherwise would perpetuate the division of mind and spirit, as we are now.

  9. Wow! incredible knowledge they had. We know so little of India’s true past it’s such a shame this beautiful intelligence is lost to us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear those steps. I watched a fascinating lecture on the Bosnian pyramids (and others around the world) by the channel third phase of the moon. In it they touch upon aligning our chakras & it was one of the most enlightening lectures I’ve watched in a long time. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to know more & think you’d like it Michael & Buzz (it covers so much of what you do) x

  10. I have had a thought, these stones are amazing I would suggest to others check out phenomenal travel channel (your source for the caged stair pick) he visits other musical stones but it got me thinking as he struck the stones they rang out with sound……… it reminds me of the experiment nasa done with the moon! They struck it with a rocket and it rang like a bell…….. it got me thinking are they connected? Could older generations have worked out how to mine the moon for musical purposes? There is evidence that they had (vimada not spelt correctly) flying machines so why wouldn’t it be possible….?

  11. At least you gave well sort of gave the right person credit for this video imagery at least some of the imagery

  12. Glad you give props to Praveen at PTV … that guy is in a land of mystery, kinda wish I could visit, except, the potential for amoebic dissentery …

  13. This is some excellent information you're bringing into the public realm. Can you update or add more information as to where you got this knowledge from – it's history, lore, and how that ties into the Hindi beliefs?

  14. A great awakeing is about to happen, the closed mind will run in fear, the open mind will embrace it, however, the mind of fools will never accept it.🤦‍♂️

  15. Hey Kep, great vid😎, I just watched one the other day of a musical stone somewhere else in India by that guy who has a channel that covers a lot of India's ancient sites and culture!!

  16. Quite fascinating… It's interesting that the "OMH" sound can still be heard today throughout ancient structures, from Peru to the King's chamber in the Great pyramid and inside the 100 tons "boxes" of the Serapeum to the huge chamber carved out the quartzite bedrock in Petra ect… Defenetly not a coincidence.
    Excellent video once again, thank you.✌

  17. Maybe related to the strange “trumpet” sounds coming from the sky that has been heard like everywhere around the world?

  18. So why is there no example of the actual noise shown in the video? They show us a picture and tell us it makes noise yet they’re not going to show us?

  19. The loops are strings that vibrate and make a sound wave or Aether wave that travels 90 million miles across a sea unchanged by it's passing until the sound from the strings reaches the Earth and rings it like a bell or an Ankh with it's own strings that ring bells across oceans, first of fire then of water and then of air. It's in the Heart of man where all of these notes are transformed into the harmony of the body, mind and Spirit. The Heart continues the wave begun in the Sun but the wave from the Heart affects all that it passes through and it passes through all eternally. All of these things are made only out of imagination but the good news is you can make just about anything out of imagination.
    Oh I almost forgot, I'm pretty sure the stairs tell the story of Creation and the ascension into awareness. It seems that is always the story the Universe is telling. It's like the Universe is trying to recapture the feeling of an experience. I'm not sure what Carl Jung would have to say about that but I wish I did. I imagine one day I will… (Harp plays out daydreamy).

  20. Do you have a link to the sun's sound? I would love to hear this!
    Great video! Thank you! 😊💕💕💕👍🌞

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