On the Trail of UFOs Dark Sky, Lost Artifacts, and upcoming events?

In this fine episode:

We explore- On the Trail of UFOs Dark Sky, Lost Artifacts, and …upcoming events?

Welcome to the CreepGeeks Podcast Season 5 Episode 223!

In this Episode-

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FORTEAN TERM OF THE DAY: MIB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_in_black

Review: On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky

The newest “On the Trail of” by Small Town Monsters is a great evolution towards the storytelling documentaries brought about by STM. While the first “On the Trail of UFO’s” may have felt like a crash-course into the deep end of the UFO phenomena, this second installment pulls viewers back into critical aspects of the phenomena that seem to be overlooked by current media.

Much of what we ingest online and through television can be described as “digestible snippets” or shock-video announcements, Small Town Monsters pulls back, and immerses viewers into the position of the researcher, the documentarian. Seeing some familiar faces in both the YT and Paranormal communities, I enjoyed the cinematic direction taken in this documentary as an encouragement to get back into the field and get on the trail of the stories that make up the folklore and mystery of the small towns I explore.

Camera angles situate the viewer as though they’re taking part in the retelling of experiences, in-depth conversations with experiencers and witnesses reminding those interested in the phenomena that the most important part of the phenomena are the witnesses and the accounts. It’s enough to go charge my camera batteries and beat down the doors of storytellers in my neck of the woods, seek out the strange stories and legends around the Blue Ridge & Appalachia.

Overlapping historic accounts and folklore, I’m always grateful for STM’s ability to bring folklorists into their modern work. Much of my informal interest is the evolution and linking of stories, and I appreciate Heather being able to provide her perspective on everything correlating.

While a bit of this was filmed during 2020, I appreciate the newer faces brought into the story surrounding the northern Appalachian region. True to STM’s continued theme of family, including new individuals wraps up a larger message of community and welcoming new experiences/encounters into the bigger picture.

On the Trail of UFOS: Dark Sky can be found on Apple and other platforms soon:



Hobby Lobby returning rate Gilgamesh Tablets: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/hobby-lobby-forfeits-rare-gilgamesh-tablet-smuggled-iraq-180978314/

Iraq claims 17,000 looted articles of historic importance: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/03/world/middleeast/iraq-looted-artifacts-return.html Cornell University amongst other organizations that allegedly held ancient artifacts.


2-hour car chase ends with…chicken nuggets: Woman Stops at McDonald’s Drive-Thru for Chicken Nuggets During Cop Chase

Review- On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Skies

On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky Clip

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3iy82zS

What’s next- Events!

WNC Bigfoot Festival: WNC Bigfoot Festival – Come a skeptic. Leave a believer.

Where do you want to see us next? Active Weird Conventions and…


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