"ONLINE FRENZY" After UFO Tweet By Elon Musk..

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26 Comments on “"ONLINE FRENZY" After UFO Tweet By Elon Musk..”

  1. You don't trust anything the sun puts out… in the u.k .. we don't by the sun ..
    Absolutely pisspoor outlet for "msm" news

  2. Elon no evidence ? Are you joking ? Just look on the moon all the Citys down there .You never noticed ? Well try to land there

  3. Do we actually need some to state that they exist, when we know they do? We don't need the gov for this, we can do it ourselves.

  4. Or it's just a narcissistic celebrity (a celeb being a narcissistic attention seeker, the shock I tell you!) wanting some attention knowing everything this guy tweets ends up dominating the news cycle and the weirder/more cryptic it is the more people flip out.

  5. Yeah I had to look for your video post's myself, which I don't mind doing but since I subscribed and asked to be notified I'd expect that!

  6. I saw one 3 months ago and 45 years ago. The last one, I believe, was an abduction. I finally called mufon 2 months ago. Want to find someone that does regression.

  7. Why is it a contradiction. If he had not seen any before, it makes sense that this mission would definitely be monitored by ET. Perhaps he had not seen them and now he has.

  8. My son and I saw a UFO in daylight in 1979 in UK IT DID A LEFT TURN ….SO OBVIOUSLY IT HAD OCCUPANTS ….. I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN …but NOT THE OCCUPANTS .

  9. It's not a contradiction. UFOs are things he can't explain or name (unidentified flying object), he has no proof they are extra terrestrial. I don't see a lie there

  10. Do a video on the back story of why we think the shape of a ufo is round etc in movie etc. Could be a intresting video. Same with how ailiens look like. What is thr orgin?

  11. Bro your channel is sinking like you… I hope you find some sort of humility to yourself. You become a stuck up prick and the only reason I come to your channel is because you stop upcoming channels from making a mark

  12. They all do deals with nasa and the defence department the same as other countries do. That's why it would be interesting to see if North Korea started space flights as they are not part of the "club" which is why they are a threat to the United States and its iron grip on secrets which technically don't belong to them.
    You can bet your last dollar that North Korea would bask in the glory of revealing to the world the truth of what orbits our planet daily.
    Don't count on your own government doing it because they are part of the problem not the solution.

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