7 Comments on “Open Minds UFO News | October 3, 2011”

  1. I don't know why people think the president is told everything about extraterrestrials, black-ops and other things, they are only temporary employees.

  2. UFO= unidentified flying object. Doesn't mean aliens. Dumbasses for who automatically think of aliens. PS i am a believer.

  3. I call them Sky people. Want to see a section of their mother ship? I teased out the details of the light I took a photo of and enlarged it and put it as my background here on YouTube if u want to see it. I have a couple more at webshots page. Wow….it's a grueling detail job to tease out their details!

  4. Lots of sightings in California, except the boring Sacramento area. Even ETs have gotten the word about this place, and don't bother to come here.

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