Open Minds UFO News:UFO News and Updates with Alejandro and Martin – January 29, 2019

Open Minds UFO Radio: In this episode, Alejandro and Martin review fresh UFO news including the recent release of files related to the Pentagon’s UFO program.

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4 Comments on “Open Minds UFO News:UFO News and Updates with Alejandro and Martin – January 29, 2019”

  1. I dont understand how you guys are all getting this so wrong. Those papers do not imply UFOs at all. None of these papers arent topics that NASA and other organizations have funded and published for decades. None of it classified. NASA'S Breakthtough Propulsion project in the 90s pretty much looked at every single one of those things. I dont get how people think this is groundbreaking or new or even news. Anyone who has followed advanced propulsion studies and whatnot over the decades has read hundreds if not thousands of papers with similar titles to each and every one of those 37 papers. I've literally got hard drives full of such papers. It's all publically available stuff. It doesnt get much publicity, but more so in recent years with things like the breakthru starshot project, the 100 year starship initiative, Tau Ceti foundation, etc.. But conferences have been held on these topics for years. Go look at a book CALLED frontiers of propulsion science. Or a book by JIM Woodward. I've followed Eric Davis and hal puthoffs work in this area for decades. I even had that one paper on the list of 37 that was 'just' released, a decade ago because it made the rounds back then.

    Why does space propulsion not mean it was a ufo program? Because it fits in with exactly what the Pentagon says the program was, to look at foreign advanced aviation threats in the long term-distance future (40yrs+ away). These things are exactly the kinds of stuff other governments might be working on in 40 years. Hell, we have been for decades already and so have they. Russia has done alot of the work on these advanced propulsion ideas. None of it classified. If they are going to be looking into it so should we. Plus many think the future is space, and military and space is going to be the big thing in 40years if not much sooner. Of course they would be looking at all sorts of speculative physics and science in the areas of space propulsion ,force fields, wormholes, antigravity, etc.. the government has funded research on these things for decades and none of it had to do with UFOs. So these papers do nothing to support the idea that AATIP/AASWAP was a UFO program. It's all old hat stuff (ha old hat new never been invented yet stuff)

  2. Hah I went and watched that video between Stanton and Cornell from 2015. I read every single comment too. Not a single one, not one, is supportive of Corbell. They all uniformly call him out for his childish rude unprofessional behavior. And the sh*t he has been calling Stanton this week is just appalling. When will people stop giving that criminal Corbell attention. His behavior is attrocuius and hes a fraud and con man

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