Orange EBANI Splits In Half – UFO Sighting News

I summoned and captured this AMAZING Orange Tube Shaped UFO. At the 54 second mark you can observe a UFO behind this initial one moving from left to right. At the 10:54 mark you can see this large UFO break in half into separate pieces. I filmed this in front of my house just as my other videos. Thanks and enjoy. Filmed November 2nd, 2013.

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  1. Castro… Did u see your video around 11mins top right there is another sphere there!! So the main one broke up in to two pcs, the one that shot out of the long one and the one on the far right top is just on standby

  2. Have you got an Instagram. I reckon you should make one and up loads clips of your vids. And then place link to your Youtube in your bio. Trust me. Me people need to see this and the community on insta is thriving for evidence and knowledge. If you do make one let me know.

  3. Awesome I've never seen anything like this! You got what they call a 'sky snake', apparently they are usually accompanied by the smaller orbs. But this is nuts! I might have to agree with the other comments, probably some kind of alien reproduction.

  4. Jonathan! Behold my brother you have filmed what is knows as a 'Sky Serpent'! Please see the following Sky Serpent UFO'S man I got the goose bumps. check out the video and I would like to know your thoughts….! Bless you bro!!!!

  5. Hi Jonathan!! What kind of camera do you use? Do you also use any night vision devices for nighttime viewing?? Thanks!

  6. tes  that.s  the  typycall  color  from the ebanys   i have  recorded  like  2 of them  but  those  are like multicolor   and  im not  shure  if they are  real  ebanys   the  one  you  catch  it is  thanks  for  sharing    jonathan

  7. Fascinating.  Since you called this, what is it and what is it doing?  Is it a life form?  What happened to the two white orbs?

  8. Pretty impressive Jonathan.. at one point you had 4 objects in frame (go to 11.56) 2 white orb structures an 2 Orange/Pink Enani's.
    big thanks for sharing.

  9. hi Jonathan, I saw your videos and found them very interesting. I am curious to know how to you find/spot those entities in the sky since they are so high up and hard to see from the ground, even when you are looking for them? I also wonder about the timing. I guess those things don't happen on an hourly basis, so what is the right time to look for them? thanks

  10. Excelente  Jonathan! Por favor mira mis videos yo he grabado cosas similares …Es una experiencia unica ver estos objetos..

  11. 10:54 is the most amazing capture I have ever seen proving that these are NOT balloons ….what they are is still a mystery, but they are real and they are alive. So we need videos like this to be shared with everybody so that people will start taking this serious and we can get to the bottom of what these things are.

  12. I have to say it: This video just put the desperate, anthropocentric, dismissive explaining away – 'Chinese Lanterns', 'Balloons' – to rest, once and for all – debunkers, just accept it: Humans are not at the top of Earth's 'Pecking Order', let alone the Universal one.

  13. Great videos! What zoom have you got. I would get a telescope and attach it to your camera, be great to see what these things are.

  14. good morning,(Italy)I would like to know if I can copy this video on my small channel,not monetized I will put your link and the name of your channel?

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