Orange UFOs Over Calgary, Canada Sept 12, 2020, MUFON, UFO Sighting News.

MUFON #111382
Eyewitness states:
At 1:15am my wife and I witnessed a bank of lights in the NE sky from our bedroom. The lights were in a shape of a bow or boomerang. They were hovering under the clouds about 30 km from my location . The lights started to change shape , grouping together and fazing out . They would return a few minutes later and do similar actions for a fed more minutes. Total duration was 15-17 minutes. We took multiple video and pictures


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  1. Really good get, Scott. Too bad it was filmed with a 2003 Nokia😜!!! Hopefully someone else got some better footage.

  2. Well it's time to get use to them being here. They didn't travel so far across the universe to turn around and leave🤔

  3. If you look you will see A upside down Pyramid. Could this be the same object that was seen in NY and near the Pentagon .
    I think so

  4. We all live on a prison planet, an open top prison. Liberation of planet earth is at hand and the cabal is doing everything it can to stop you all from waking up. They control the media, the food and water supply, most politicians, sports, religions…but their evil empire is crumbling. Humanity will be free and will know the truth soon, there is life outside of these illusionary walls, millions of planets with many people like us and some are much more evolved. Time to wake up people

  5. I grew up in Calgary we would often see these lights same color but they would move like a satellite then zig zag quickly. We called them movers. They were always in the southern our south west sky

  6. I wonder what that was? The weirdest part about these types of footage is how unabashed these objects are, most seem to be okay just observing in stationary stance. I wonder, if these types of objects are/were extraterrestrial, what type of beings visit? Would they be like us, are they vastly different or are they non-biological? How much more technologically advanced would they have to be to reach us? How much more socially advanced are they, are they benevolent? Some people may feel dread or fear, I feel more curiosity than anything.

    Really makes the mind wonder.

  7. I hopped on google last night because I was seeing an illuminated orange bow shaped (semicircle) object hovering over east downtown Calgary. i took some videos but the quality looks a little worse than this… This is starting to freak me out. Is it possible that this is a meteor?

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