Oumuamua is a 600 Thousand Year Old 'Spaceship' FOR REAL!!

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If this is an Alien Spaceship, why was it sent and when? Is our concept of time distracting us from reality?
We are NOT ALONE in the Universe and NEVER will be!

Narrated by BuzWeaver:

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36 Comments on “Oumuamua is a 600 Thousand Year Old 'Spaceship' FOR REAL!!”

  1. It was only near the end that you gave the most pertinent observations:
    1. There was no heat source from Oumuamua [YouTube word processor has this as spelled wrong, but it isn't], so no internal propulsion system on it;
    2. Solar Radiation Pressure could do it, but only if Oumuamua was 1 mm thin, which it could be — people have to remember that the rough cigar shape has NOT been observed but was the initial 'safe' official artist's impression loosely based on observed light reflectivity [hopeless spell-check in YouTube], before the extra acceleration was noticed.
    3. This ties in with your earlier information that the light reflectivity of Oumuamua varies by a factor of 10. So an E.T.-made star-sail is a good fit of the evidence.

  2. Has anyone calculated Oumuamua's mass by its velocity change? Have you read Arthur C. Clark's sci-fi novel Rendezvous with Rama? It predicts just this kind of event with interesting possibilities.

  3. Hey, you know that rock in outer space, that looks exactly like a rock in outer space? Some guy, who went to some college, and studied some shit, says it's an alien spacecraft….Oh, and the aliens were so smart, they disguised it as a rock 600 million years ago…. Yeah, that's it…….get a f'n grip, do you realize how insane this theory is? No, really, think about what your saying…….you put yourself right out there with flat earth, and dino denial real quick….some science IS real, listen to the facts, not the fools…..

  4. It's great to be curious, but people with a mature grasp of how science and falsification work don't go jumping to fantastical conclusions like you are here. You're making a fool of yourself, and demonstrating your complete lack of scientific skepticism.

  5. Space science is about guessing and from that comes more and more guessing. This is the truth behind science today. It’s the truth and people need to know that. Theory is a dirty word now days.

  6. I dont get why we allowed it to leave or even pass us our missiles can hit satellites go to mars the moon etc seems like an unnecessary risk to just allow it to view us and report in alien or not no chances until we get our UNSC fleet built and mac platforms

  7. Your science is old and outdated: Comets are NOT made of ice. Astroids and comets are only differentiated by their orbits. The planets in our solar system were not formed by a cloud of condensing dust. You better check out the Electric Universe & The Thunderbolts Project, you're light years in the dark.

  8. maybe the reason they wore camo was because they didn't want to piss off, our neighbors who live on the moon!

  9. I had to watch one More for the Road 😁 Oh-moo-a-moo-a! 😂 funny sounding name ❤️

    Tho, It's weird how little oumuamua is talked about, only 3months later.. 🤔😬 Great video, Thank You 😻

  10. If we take into account the possibility that there are previous civilizations that have been on Earth, then we would actually be able to take into consideration the possibility that those civilizations were also sending out signals to stay in contact with other planets or other solar systems. If this is the case Omuamua may have been here in response to one of those civilizations signal or messages that were being sent out.

  11. this channel should be wait til you hear this lol it would be a very fitting channel name it defo is your catch phase lol

  12. 6:00 Black holes are a lie, guys. Think about how easy it is to lie to get ahead, and then once you start lying how difficult it is to reverse course. Usually, you just end up lying more to cover up your previous lies until you have no connection to reality. If it gets bad enough, you kind of have to divorce from your friends and try again with a new group, trying not to lie this time. Once you understand how likely it is that most of the non tangible stuff that we're told about the universe is a lie, it becomes a lot easier to stomach, and it makes it more likely that you'll tell the truth all the time.

  13. Side note. I searched for oumuamua light up the dark and this video was buried under 20 other videos. It must be a glitch. I'm sure youtube will fix that.

  14. why named an alien spacecraft with a very hard to pronounce word? why not something else like "The D*ck"?

  15. This is an Alien spaceship for sure. I have view many reports on oumuamua, this is not a asteroid or comet. It is just amazing oumuamua dive into our solar system and it make a close passage across EARTH 🌎 to have a close view and dives out.

  16. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof…I do not see the proof. So using "for real" when it's clearly just speculation or musings of scientists (as the dude clearly stated) is not right. Don't get me wrong, it would be nice confirmation that we are not alone, but there is no way to prove this claim.

  17. Who says we haven't broadcasted any signals tens of thousands of years ago. There has been intelligent life on this planet for far longer than we're usually told. Life on this planet is reset by a catastrophe cycle of about every 12,000 years. They're just responding to multiple versions of life here ago.

  18. That will be that galactic federation we just heard existed by another Semite but from Israeli intelligence that's funny how ahead you are of the other channels …..and researchers
    ……that'll do pig that'll do
    come away to me now…..

  19. 100% on intelligent design on this one. It flew into our solar system too fast to see almost, it came 3X closer to Earth than it did the Sun!!!! THEN IT'S SPED UP AND CHANGE DIRECTIONS. These are the most basic facts about this item that doesn't seem to hit the front line whenever it's discussed. 3X closer to Earth than the Sun!!!!!

  20. It’s definitely a space ship! May be a generation ship and they found Earth too primitive to even stop and pay a visit…

  21. what if dinosaurs did not go extinct, would humans evolve as to what we are now? if dinosaurs are the first to roam our planet, this could be the same on other planets and it could be that they didnt went extinct over there.

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