Oval-shaped rows of bluish lights, moving quickly through our yard

Transparent, round, or oval-shaped rows of bluish & white lights, moving quickly through our yard casting a reflection, Southbury, CT, US

I did not see this anomaly in person. I was inside my home when our Ring system sounded. A few minutes later, I decided to look at the history on our Ring to see what it had detected, which you can see in the video I am attaching.

It appears to be lights in a circular or oval shape and looks transparent. The top row of lights is white; the lower rows are bluish with one or two white lights in the lowest row. It looks almost like a projection. You can also see a reflection on the paved driveway below the image. The object was moving quickly and headed directly toward our garage then appears to twist and rise when it gets to the garage as if it’s going to go over it. Other than crickets, I hear no other sound.

It is not definitive to me whether it came through the wooded buffer between us and our neighbor, or down our driveway. It does look more like it came from the wooded area (an approximately 20-25’ strip buffer of mature trees.)

The following morning I looked around the yard and found nothing odd.

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29 Comments on “Oval-shaped rows of bluish lights, moving quickly through our yard”

  1. there are thousands of these flying-light-bar videos on Ring cameras and no one has figured out what causes them yet.

  2. I know exactly what that is. Its a spiderweb and the ir from the camera make it light up

  3. He stated all he heard were crickets. He couldn't have. It was too cold for crickets if it was starting to snow. So I call BS and CGI.

  4. That is just wild! Wonder if we are the giants? What a great by chance catch!
    Love & light!

  5. It's either a drone that's extremely advanced or piloted by really small ET's is my two cents worth.

  6. That's weird. Perhaps it's a drone that's partially in our dimension and the rest is in another, just like we see larger craft seemingly to be partially visible.

  7. Hello! it's amazing! It's wonderful video! It's a very interesting video! It's wonderful!

    Nice upload! And it's great high quality video! I really like it! Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!

  8. Reflections on a glass surface, a toy spaceship Enterprise or Voyager.This is definitely someone's joke.; 0)

  9. Кто-то стоит у окна с какими-то слабыми фонарями или светодиодами и просто приближает их к окну ещё и снимает это на видео.

  10. This is a extraterestrial drone. The Drone itself is invisible, the lights that we can see is the side effect of the propulsion system. The light is reflecting on the ground and on the object itself, because the invisible technology is not able to break this intense light, so it reflectet a bit. You can see the drone is really big, way bigger than a bug. Look how it is behind the car and passing it. Those drones are not new, the whole fairies mystery in the dark age is based on those. When the people saw those glowing orbs, they directly heading to their houses because they abducted the citizens. Yes fairies are not the same as the Peter Pan version. I hope I can help you out with that.

    Greetings From Germany

    P.S. are there UFO sightings at this day the video was recorded? These crafts can function as scouts.

  11. Ok to me this looks like a entity drone! Witch is using some kind of cloaking device! "I took some screen shots, & i can see a distinctive shape,, 👍, ps, really good catch, 👍

  12. I see a row of houses to the right. The moving row of lights is probably a reflection of the houses to the right because they are set at the same able

  13. Wait if dis were real then that ufo must be the size of a van bigger then a 🚗 but smaller then a 🚌 and most probably who ever inside of it must be the size of our foot 🤔

  14. Look like a huge spider web. Droplets of water on the web will give that appearance. My opinion.

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