Paleolithic Style Doorways Found On Mars, Sol 938, UFO Sighting News.

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  1. It’s being said that whoever gets these photos first, are running them thru rock mimicking software. If you look very close at the “head” on the hill, you can see where it didn’t cover the entire object and it kinda goofed up. Sometimes you can see part of the object that they’re trying to hide, sticking out from behind those strange looking “rocks”. These pics are so obfuscated to keep us from seeing what’s really there, that it’s hard to say that anything we’re looking at is real. Something strange is definitely going on with our space programs and a lot of effort is being put in to deceive us for some reason. It’s not because we can’t handle the truth it’s because they don’t want us to know the truth, but why?

  2. to the left of the photos rocky outcrop seems to be rectangular block shapes, in an arc…they are white….

  3. Hi Scott!! How are you holding up? I hope all is well. I’m just curious if you have checked out Art alien tv on YouTube. He has found incredible things on mars. Love your Channel. Keep it up!!! Sending light and love from New Jersey!!

  4. We found a opening arch like entrance on googly moon it's in a crater on bottom of it iswear u find heaps

  5. Each time I decide not commenting for a while You doing a wonderful video. This one(☀️) … the triangular shape with the kind face on top(v e r y obvious) maybe a holy person they worship, maybe a wizard ( if living there… would go there everyday for some solace…) and interesting with the size to entrances, buildings… a clue to understanding it all… both on Mars and on Earth and elsewhere….some civilisations on Earth out of most peoples eyes bec of size so tiny we concider them as not existing, and Im not talking about insects here: once I found a Bible on the floor, size half of a human pinkyfingernail-made out of real leather with cross on cover made of highcaratgould-went to an expert into old items and jewelleries in Stockholm, he did exame it with a magnifyingglass, he told there are a few examples of this known) another vid I couldn t rezist, maybe next one

  6. I wouldn't doubt its scattered metalic alloy tech remains, that's been deliberately digitally obfuscated by NASA/JPL to make those scattered tech parts look like ordinary rocks on mars surface, until skilled observers looks more closer at the unnatural details about them.

  7. At 3:41 you show a triangle shape , what I found immediately interesting what appeared to be what the Knights templar called a hooked x!

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