Pentagon confirms second UFO tape filmed by a US Navy sailor | 7NEWS

Video of an unidentified flying object off the coast of California has the internet buzzing, after the Pentagon confimed it was filmed by a United States Navy sailor. @Jeremy Corbell obtained and released the footage, and joined Sunrise with the details. Subscribe to 7NEWS for the latest video »

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50 Comments on “Pentagon confirms second UFO tape filmed by a US Navy sailor | 7NEWS”

  1. What a couple o' jackarses, calling it a conspiracy theory after he just said it isn't one. I think they got Vegemite for brains, those two…

  2. Wonder where the flat earther’s stand on this subject I mean, there’re a real smart bunch.

  3. What a dog sh*t way to end it. It’s not a conspiracy theory it’s been admitted and video proves it!!

  4. God those 2 Aussie presenters are remarkably gormless ….are they representative of the whole nation?

  5. WTF is Wrong to Mr Egg Shell? he is not a Believer…. just wait and see Egg Shell! when you find out the truth Aliens would be the cause of Braking your Egg Shell!

  6. Hell yea Jeremy, not conspiracy theorists buzzing, legitimate people buzzing. Well done dude

  7. The Office of Naval Intelligence are most likely fully aware of the true nature and reality of all UFO sightings and alien contact over the past 75 years . These sightings are not objects of man made origin . The truth will never be declassified . The public are not ready for the truth . Keep an open mind . Don't believe everything you read or see on TV / You Tube .

  8. That Jeremy guy is annoying. The documentary he made looked like it was done by a high school student at best.

  9. Fing Idiots calling it Twice "conspiracy theory"… Why does Anyone Waste their time feeding these swines (no disrespect to pigs…!!!)

  10. The reason the pentagon is no longer lying about UFO footage is because they look completely stupid every time they try to cover it up and they know the public is aware of this.

  11. Never go to this show for an interview because these Australian hosts lack the ability to handle a topic like this at a professional level, as a fellow Aussie there are better and more credible people to host an interview with, David Koch is an embarrassment at the best of times.

  12. Finally! Before l die, l still might see more of this UFO drama then my previous generation. How lucky l am!
    One thing lm strong convinced is that our governments already made contact with extraterrestrials and what puzzles me the most is WHY NOW?
    Why they are finally revealing those high classified info?
    Maybe our planet is doomed. Maybe they aren’t peaceful. To be quite honest…the answer those questions might be not a happy ending for the majority of us, earthlings.

  13. Like elon musk say, until some one teak a hd photo of it i wont belive its real. There is so much crap quality videos and photos of so much crap to brainwash idiots! Do you realy belive that warchip has 140p camera?

  14. Why cant there ever be a 4k high definition video of an alien ship landing in time square, no blurrs, no discussion needed just straight evidence

  15. Good God, why is Oz media Sooo behind the 8 ball on this subject. "Conspiracy theorists buzzing". Are you for real??? Do your research Pleeaase!!! Your embarrassing all of us.

  16. I believe people of this planet will accept alien life coming to help us. We need it now more than ever.

  17. The announcement in June is them telling us Earth is joining the Galactic Federation of Planets to commence commerce for the positive benefits for humanity.😃🌏👽🕳️💰💸💵🤑🤑🤑

  18. The Right to disclosure is paramount this has been gone on far enough… Time is now to tell the public indeed we are NOT ALONE… KOSHY YOU FLOG it's not conspiracy…..

  19. These two tools just made everyone who's watching love Jeremy Corbell that much more. Thanks for helping his cause. lol!

  20. If humans haven't developed this technology it is because we classify knowledge and withhold it. If these are aliens, I highly doubt that they without knowledge from one another. Thats why their civilization is able to advance beyond what humans can only dream of.

  21. Why are all these things only appearing off the coast of the U.S.? Where are the radar images and pilot stories from Australia, the UK, Russia, China, and everywhere else in the world??

  22. Ladies and gentlemen, pay no attention to these two who work for a show that is bought and paid for by the Murdoch Media.

  23. Sathish This mission topic My topic speak details 60minutes YouTube channel comments type mission Reason, This YouTube comments over Australia people's type your This channels type Think mind Thanks 🙏.

  24. It’s a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) not a an Alien Ship or intergalactic files…. Confirming UFO Presents translates to admitting there’s flying objects that are not known or registered… that means it could be anything… making light/jokes of the fact it could be aliens or a presents not from earth is why they probably shouldn’t release these files and stir the minds of the world with this information as most clearly don’t attain the mature capacity to understand

  25. Oh my.. With the way things are turning out, all the intelligence agencies are getting involved now, for sure we will be able to shed some light now and settle this mystery once for all. Final answer: Jeremy is actually a small hybrid of a bigfoot alien. $10 trillions funding awarded to the UFO/UAP task force.

  26. No wonder the msm are withering in slow death.

    Nothing respectable left.

  27. …and they kept denying the video and the statement right until the end. Too scared to admit how little some people are. BTW – what's wrong with the UFO footages? can't have a normal decent video but we can see the whole mars from you tube crystal clear?

  28. Folks, I am a Government Agent who has worked for the Pentagon. Please understand that the existence of UFO's has already been disclosed by the US Navy over the last few months. Although the evidence provided by the US Navy Pilots seems conclusive, it is not inconclusive as the UFO's recorded might in fact be advanced US Fighter jets from the future. The US Military has already produced a time machine called (VAL009) which uses circular laser beam technology that circles the occupant seated within the time machine with consistent trajectory laser beams that travel at variable speeds faster than the speed of light (— E = mc2 —), which speed up time at a planned variable speed that the occupant travels through thereby allowing them to travel to specific points of time in the future. Providing full disclosure cannot occur as our US Air Force and Military are currently using the time machine (VAL009) which also allows advanced fighter jets from our future inventory stocks from hundreds to thousands of years in the future to come back in time to when the time machine (VAL009) was developed 8 years ago at the secret underground facility within the perimeter of our Nevada Base – Area 51. Take care, David Matherson

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