Pentagon Official Refuses to Answer Question on UFO Crash Recovery Programs…

On June 4, 2021 DOD held a press conference where Admiral John Kirby was asked about UFO Crash Retrieval Programs. His response was a carefull worded avoidance of the question, instead of a flat “no”, leading many in the UFO Community to suspect that the Pentagon may know more than it is letting out.

Defense Leaders Hold News Conference:

Anthony Bragalia UFO Explorations Articles investigating Roswell witness testimony and FOIA Requests going after the present day location of Alien Artifacts.


28 Comments on “Pentagon Official Refuses to Answer Question on UFO Crash Recovery Programs…”

  1. He is totally the G-Man from Half-Life! 😎
    The G-Man does not answer no questions! The G-Man only speaks riddles.

  2. Now that is absolutely priceless. Thank you for the first 30 seconds. I had terrible day, everything went sideways. But to see a Pentagon official stumble his way through a ufo crash retrieval question is proof that things really can change.

    Never give up, never surrender.

  3. Great job organizing this. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👽💕there is so much past information that needs to be examined. Unsolved mysteries! Beautiful! 👽🌈💕

  4. They bloody know we got this tech and they have body's . " We'll just leave it at that " bloody lies . All lies

  5. Alan Sabrosky is a retired Marine officer and former Director of Studies at US Army War College [Strategic Studies Institute]

    He has taught at The United States Military Academy at West Point; Georgetown University; The University of Pennsylvania; and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

    Still maintains Israel did 9/11 and whacked Kennedy.

  6. I heard that the ex nazi scientist were behind the small people in a craft and that someone like Joesph Mengele was one of them from Russian alsos but I do not know the cia to now be in the middle along with mi6 of any evil doings of those we know. I head in alternative media that this was the case with the dead spacemen of which the woman speaks.

  7. This all stinks to high heaven.

    Lue getting the big fish and small fish on his side to spread the government’s disinformation. They are all getting interviews and suddenly they get all starry eyed with the“scoop” and hang on his every word. This is so disappointing. Got to give it to him, this guy is a master at intel/counter intel. Manipulation and deception are definitely his main skill set. He is pulling the wool over the eyes of people I never thought would fall for it.

    3 types of people in Ufology:

    The guy “who wants to be the one” guy= Corbell
    The “intel disinfo military for life “guy= Elizondo
    The “write a book, merch, tv guy” guy= Nick Pope

    Many fit in this list. Just a real shame there is no one to trust.

  8. Lots of uhhs…ahhhs…in that response.

    Can’t they call up someone who knows to officially deny it?

    When did they lose their ability to lie to the public?

  9. It seems there have been multiple crash recoveries. All covered up. The lying about it is a shame.

  10. if they said yes we have bodies and alien technology here on earth, im pretty sure the aliens would come here to take their stuff back. i think thats why they keep it a secret.

  11. It was after this press conference, that John Kirby gained the political name:
    Flippy MacFlipFlopsAlot

  12. 1943 france crystalline ball whith gold wires within ,,1947 Roswel,l where are the Horton brothers?…

  13. There are no aliens.
    The antigravity vehicles do not fly, but rather move independently from the gravity field of the Earth. They are either piloted by humans or are drones.
    "Alien, extraterrestrial threat" is an elite, globalist social engineering project, a propaganda spectacle intended to "convince" the world public opinion into consenting to a totalitarian One World Government.

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