Pentagon releases UFO report to Congress, includes cases off San Diego coast

The long-awaited Pentagon report on UFOs has been delivered to Congress by the “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force,” or UAPTF, within the Department of Defense. The report provides an assessment of over 140 cases of UFO sightings between 2004 and 2021, a number of which involved Navy personnel off the San Diego coast.

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  1. This is a phenomenon going on thousands of years (literally), they are here since human dawn and even before. And USA doesn't know them… ahhh USA is a such an ignorant nation made by ignorant people… even native Americans tell us about star people. But no of course we don't listen to ancient beliefs because they are wrong we are right we are more intelligent… and so they talk about myths. But even indi myth talk about similar things… and other cultures as well. Even Zulù tradition tells us about a war fought 200.000 thousands of years in the sky, yes exactly: a star war like history but they are myths as well… so what about Phaeacians ships driven by the thoughts that know by them selves the cities and so on… myths as well… but wait a moment: we have that tech nowadays in fact we have the GPS navigator, we also have brain – machine interfaces under development, we have plains we have satellites, we have lasers, and so on: so we are myths too at this point…

  2. 1946 people saw crafts LANDING in our lakes in here Finland and Sweden , 1960 our military saw 7 crafts watching them , flying insane speeds and then disappearing , couple seconds later after they disappeared our radars saw them again in the different city , they travelled over 200 KILOMETRES in couple seconds …… now tell me , why would chinese people do something like that , we are small country , or russians … its not them . its something else . just tell the truth USA before some other country has to do that and open their mouths !

  3. Corbell has been bigging this report up for months and when we get it it tells us nothing corbell is a fantasist

  4. Question for those of you who think we can handle 'the truth' if all of it was disclosd, at what point would you draw a line before you become dismissive?

    Let's say these UAPs are aliens, so what?

  5. If I had many months to do a school report and turned in less than 8 pages of worthless information my teacher would flunk me so hard. The Pentagon just turned in a worthless 8 page report to the American people. The Pentagon should be ashamed.

  6. In my opinion this is some secret tech that isnt in the public hands yet. Its crazy to say that this is 1000 years more advanced. Its just some kind of propulsion that we ordinary people dont yet fully understand or comprehend but that doesnt mean that its magic. Just think how far has civilian tech come in the last 20 years. Who imagined self driving cars 10 years or 20 years back or smartphones, drones, boston dynamics robots? While the government says that this is something that they dont have that doesnt mean shit. The us government has several factions within itself and some of those factions are hidden and nobody knows about them. Who knows what kind of tech they posses or what kind of research they do. The factions could use this tech to do some secret operations for those few individuals and their secret motives. So thats why im saying that the alien story is in my opinion bullshit. Dont get me wrong im not denying these sightings 🙂

  7. Hey dudes , if the US military ,the MOST POWERFUL ARMY on the planet cannot figure this sh$% out…We aint got a chance in heck. Good knowing ya planet Earth 🤷‍♂️

  8. What happened to the news saying the government had “vehicles not from this planet” a few months back? Has everyone had their mind wiped?

  9. Where is the statement from NASA ??!? 🙄 Journalists not doing their job to ask these questions.

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