Pentagon report says more than 100 UFO sightings could threaten national security

Pentagon report says more than 100 UFO sightings could threaten national security.

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25 Comments on “Pentagon report says more than 100 UFO sightings could threaten national security”

  1. Natural phenomena. Yes I think aliens could be considered natural. Tricky thing they did there.

  2. I drove a ufo but the government and military or the news media doesn't want to talk to me .. I sent many emails and phone calls .. I never got to talk to anyone

  3. Of course most of the reliable sightings being reported up the chain come from pilots in their training areas. It's the same reason most car accidents happen within close proximity to one's home.

  4. So basically, this guy 👦 is saying Cmdr Favor and all the Black Aces, “were see things???” our top gun pilots and their instruments and the people who were back in the tower were all-seeing glitches at the SAME TIME!

  5. Ok you don't know what it is. Is it more powerful than our jets? If yes, share evidence with scientists.

  6. Best ufo footage in public domain
    Search:kumburgaz ufo case footage analysis by mario valdez .
    2greys and larger mantis looking creature on the craft
    Mindblowing footage and real

  7. Like we humans studying mars, UFO are studying earth, someone questions what's the logic, well aliens doesn't think like humans

  8. governments are fckn useless muppets just cough it up for fck sake how stupid do u think we as a society and believers are thought to be i want to see the admittance of the government telling the truth before im fckn dead i feel im half way through my life atm i expect to see this before i meet an end

  9. At least that declassified report admits that most of the "UAP's" being detected are REAL objects and not the product of hoaxes or hallucinations. Fine, that's a major step in the right direction. But, then, after the big build up for the last few months, we find out that the report's conclusions about these UAP's are, basically, "inconclusive" because they don't have enough detailed information about them! What a total let down.

    What they dared not include in that waste of taxpayer money report is that there ARE currently ultra top secret, "deep state" research groups in the world's current three major powers (that's China, Russia, and the US) which DO have the detailed information needed to FULLY identify the nature of the UAP's. Even the personnel working in the various government agencies that prepared this over-hyped report don't even know that those top secret groups even exist! So, technically, they are not lying when they say they don't have enough detailed information about the UAP's. Their ignorance has been maintained by design.

    Meanwhile, here is a short video that will give you some answers as to the REAL nature of the UAP's or, as I prefer to call them, the ET UFO's which stands for "extraterrestrial unidentified flying objects" that are air and spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin being operated by extraterrestrial beings from other star systems. In this video you will see CLEAR images of genuine ET UFOs with your own eyes and not just the blurry FLIR camera and radar screen images that the recently released declassified report was based on.

  10. I have to laugh at people (officials) who say "we don't know what they are" When they have ruled out everything else and still say we just don't know!……. DUH!!……. Well maybe, just maybe their ufo/aliens!

  11. Let’s all face the reality. They use national threat security every and any time they want an excuse for more funding and war profits.

    It’s a lie.

    Common sense tells you this has been happening for generations and if they were meaning harm it would have been done long ago. The pentagon and CIA aren’t to be trusted in the least. They are run by oil and war profiteers. Two industries that have made it their goal to control everyone and everything.

  12. Yep humans cant survive all moves
    Only if its empty or robots or controlled somewhere else or something else.

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