Pentagon Revelations About UFOs

The issue of unidentified flying objects, knows as UFOs, jumped to the headlines again in June 2021, when an unclassified Pentagon report was released, which should shed some light on some “unexplained” case histories.
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The word UFO has been ingrained in global culture for years but over time it has proved increasingly unsuitable and polluted by the incredible amount of fakes in circulation. This is demonstrated by the adoption of the UAP terminology (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) which better defines these events, i.e. aerial phenomena that, until now, have no explanation.
The word UFO undeniably refers to alien spacecraft that for some unknown reason would occasionally fly through our skies in an elusive way and without apparent logic. But it is a term that we should try to forget, since it is misleading in substance and does not help to have an objective view of such phenomena.
Does this completely rule out the UFO hypothesis? Absolutely not, but it tightens the field of investigation a lot. By now an aura of myth has been created around the subject and when we talk about Area 51, to give a striking example, we forget the nature of the US base within which new military technologies have been tested for years, because in the imagination of all is the place in the americans preserve an alien spacecraft!
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