Great Documentary on Recent UFO News:
Flying Objects

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  1. Honestly man I'm blown away by the report. They think they are seeing breakthrough technology. The report keeps mentioning a mysterious 'potential adversary' having breakthrough technology. 'Foreign adversaries' and 'potential adversaries' are both mentioned 4 times throughout the report. Clearly being used as distinct entities and not synonymous lingo for the same thing. As I read it, it's under consideration that one or the other may have breakthrough technology. WTF!! Amazing. I mean if it's breakthrough tech and we humans didn't build it… well…

  2. “Preliminary report” 😂😂 9 pages to describe 70 years of their involvement in ufo’s. The joke is on us people. Screw this “report” it’s total bs 💩

  3. Seriously, you think aliens have started to visit a country that is less than 500 years old because of?? No other country, in all of history has had as many "sightings" as the USA… Check your water bros. Check your corn. I don't know what they feeding yous, but I need me some of that.

  4. Thunderf00t (for whatever his opinions worth) looked at some of these videos and came to the conclusion that they were things like jets and geese etc. From the camera data displayed on the side of the video. Honestly this just seems like a ploy to get more money for this department.

  5. "We aren't ready for the truth", "Don't want to cause a panic", "Might be dangerous to know the truth". Ever hear these? These statements, which are common to hear, are used when we think the government knows something they don't want to tell us or used by those in power when referring to something they didn't tell us. Are these arguments a valid reason to withhold information or are they excuses and placation's with no real merit, given by those who have no right to make that judgement? It's the latter. Only sociopaths use such language and no one should believe it or think that it's ok to expect it, or expect to hear it from any reputable source. The scientific community, including those in government, would not use those arguments to justify withholding information. The justification would be a matter of national security in the form of keeping our enemies ignorant to what we know as far as military capability is concerned, but to deceive the American people should not be expected or accepted. I don't think these placation's would be used as a reason to withhold any evidence of aliens, but as it stands, there is no clear evidence of aliens.

  6. We got the unclassified report. Of course the specific events would have been included in the classified briefing with congress.


    In other words: To know what is it you have to pay first!

    Ahahahahahahahah, even the Chinese can't be smarter than this!


  8. Flying over restricted air space, playing chicken with fighter pilots and swarming Navy ships tells me that there are many things this report is not telling us. The Government will never come clean on this topic.

  9. They're being dishonest and hiding information for sure. That's why they need a classified version.

  10. First: these incidents likely represent several different and unrelated phenomena, some of which MAY involve advanced technology, and if so, it's drastically more likely it's human technology than anything else. My money would be on United States black budget military tech.

    Second: this is a distraction. The US is in the middle of an ongoing literal far-right fascist takeover, the wealthy elite are stealing everything they can and keeping the proletariat divided against itself with racism, sexism, ageism (okay Boomer), and anything else that keeps the masses fighting sideways rather than upward, while the now-inevitable climate crisis grows exponentially worse and threatens civilization itself before the end of this century. We may as well have ghosts and Bigfoot in the news cycle before the economy collapses.

  11. This report is a JOKE! 9 pages of nothing, suggested one was even a deflating balloon. It truly looks like it was prepared in an hour or less, and absolutely does not add ANYTHING new to the discussion. The only point made clear was…. "we need more investment" more money. This is a joke and anyone who had a hand in preparing this "intelligence" report should resign, it's embarrassing. These UAPs are supposedly buzzing military vessels, shutting down nuclear launch sites, and while there are no hostile actions, clearly are in violation of protected airspace, and the ODNI states maybe we need to look into this. They have been looking into this for 75 years! Where is the report????

  12. It was no report, it was a dismissal – they gave us nothing and were begrudged that they gave even that.

  13. The government: please give us money because we can't afford hi-def cameras with our trillion dollar budget. 😂😂😂😂. The government: please give us money because we don't have the technology to know what is going on in our airspace. 😂😂😂😂. The clown show in full effect.

  14. THEY come here, but don't whant to talk? So, it's like a "contact" without the contact? Like, we're so primitive that THEY come to our house, not even saying "Hi"? Well, we def should do the same, when we will find their planet! Let them guess wtf is going on.😠

  15. I know some of what the “government” is hiding. I’ve been wary of engaging too strongly on this subject because it’s so fkn strange it is incomprehensible to most people and actually understanding it isn’t entirely comforting, but we’re inching closer to it being public and there’s only a few feet to go.

    Say human civilization went schizophrenic after WW2 and developed a busy alternate personality the general public has been unaware of for over 70 years. We’re about to find out our alternate personality exists, which is strange enough on its own, but what that personality has been doing for over 7 decades is going to leave people unsettled.

  16. I really want Aliens to be a thing, we are finding, and in contact with.

    The odds they are out there, is well… they are out there… but the odds they can travel faster than light, is super low… so lets hope, they figured out a way, and we can find an alien camera satellite up there, and start hijacking the broadcast.

    "And today, on "what will the human do"…

  17. A million likes, great jokes as always. In the least crazy conspiracy theory way possible, it's aliens, and not these recent couple leaked videos cause i can buy the explanations that have been offered. I've grown way more skeptical over the years, but there's just too much to deny it for me. I can't prove it, I want to see scientists start trying to prove it, if that's what it is. Thanks for breaking the news in the best way.

  18. Further analysis is needed to determine how much we can use this to increase military funding.

  19. They let enough information slip to be able to determine that these are definitely intelligent crafts as they mentioned their intentions.

  20. Unclassified report = here you go, we don't know what they are but they are here. Need more time and money to figure out what they are.
    Classified reports = Bruh, stop! just stop it! Yal causing troubles in the public! We spent decades making UFO a joke to the public so that whoever stumbles upon what we know get make fun of and discredited immediately! Now you going around forcing us to have to even acknowledge it! JUST. STOP. IT! We don't want to give this thing any more legitimacy than it already has. We want everyone besides us to think none of these things are real! COME ON NOW!

  21. Keep it vague and hint it maybe another hostile country, keeps your citizens scared and therefore under control.

  22. IF the UAP are of alien origin it's most likely they are unmanned robotic space probes with highly advanced AI. Humans have sent quite a few space probes up so that would actually be a mundane option. The big difference is that ours are painfully slow and quite primitive.
    Btw you don't even have to assume faster than light travel. The acceleration which was observed in the Nimitz encounter, (still by far the most compelling case), would predict that these objects can reach a sizeable fraction of c within hours.
    Those probes could have been sent hundreds of years or even longer ago by a civilisation which is thousands or millions of years ahead of us. The possibility of that is not even far-fetched in light of the fact that there are an estimated 160 billion planets in our galaxy alone of which 20% are rocky.
    Then there are hundreds of billions of galaxies each one containing hundreds of billions of planets.

  23. Well… most of the videos have already been analyzed and optics, how camera stabilization work, parallax etc. can describe most of the things seen. Don't get me wrong, I want it to be aliens, too, but as a famous physics professor once said: "it's never aliens, unless it's aliens". And thus far, most images are all infrared (ofc it could be cloaking) and nothing higher-res. So while I do believe there may be a super slim chance, a few could be some kind of space-ship (maybe automatous), the current "evidence" is highly lacking from a scientific standpoint. 😉

  24. Just imagine how more UFO people are going to see once they out in deep space or on other planets. Something tells me, there is a math correlation between technology advancement and amount of glitches that cause extraterrestrial inspiration in some people. May I apply for a new law?😀

  25. Because there is an arrogance and superiority problem in the human race that would lose their minds faced with the concept that there are far more advanced and intelligent species right here in their "backyard". The potential fallout of such a realization could cause major damage to the stability of society. Caution must be taken, slow and steady.
    As to travel, spatial relocation, folding space, dimensional shifting.

  26. They're not hiding anything. What they're saying is that they simply do not know what these things are and that's about as honest as they can be.

  27. .. i was not expecting finding more/new informations in "this report" – but there are enough theories out there 😉

    i think humans have to change first a lot the vision how we see the 1% of everything we believe to understand.
    science steady overtakes older, younger and even new theories and they get along with understanding to know
    rarely anything.
    – the human race/zivilisationis older as accepted
    – in the oceans is much more diversity as accepted
    – the inner earth looks much more different as accepted
    – the space is larger, contens more and is moving different as accepted
    .. all in all there is a huge amount of adaptions in a really small amount of all in human range of perception .. and
    guess, what is outside of this range?

    back to the report:
    imagin it's up to you, getting out a report over an issue that's no matter of any existing science and your idea of
    that issue is zero ..
    imagin there is some unknown form of energie, that you can not put in a technical sheme, just because is not a
    "hardware" object and no science has discovered it yet .. you can not catch it, because its to fast and moves in
    other behavior as you could or you just can not catch the object, because of having not the right tools for this
    form of not known energie ..
    imagin the pentagon and all different agencys have no clue, of what it could represent .. wouldn't be a logical
    thought on this: we need to expand our knowledge over the 99% of all we do not know yet
    (in the range of human perception, what is 99% of all there is!)

    imaging we would liberly promote our children, to get the best and most various scientists in all issues we can
    reach in our perception ..
    but as long in the opinion of the leaders is that knowledge can be power and yes, it is power! and this for we
    need to change us, our cultures, our believes, our behaviors … what is war for, what is profit for – why are hungry
    people on this rich planet?

    but still, people are intersted on the uap report 😉

    a question from my side:
    why do most of the people always talking of extraterrestrial life/aliens .. not even imagin
    it could be a innerterrestrial life form?

    have a nice one

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