PENTAGON's leaked official UFO video!

If you had a choice, would you want to meet the Aliens, or would you rather never discover if they truly exist?

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36 Comments on “PENTAGON's leaked official UFO video!”

  1. Why only us is finding these kind of stuff, us army is just hiding it's weapon and want people to think of stupid ufos

  2. Why that not at our country Malay like it only at your country… Hmm that sus like UFO mission is to study universe then why is only at your country? Hmmm I think is fake news

  3. Humanity:
    Ohh noo aliens will Invade earth
    7 years old me:
    I wonder how delicious are they ice cream

  4. I'm not an expert, but for me Alien exist, just look at how vast the space are.. There's a lot of things we don't know yet.

  5. just wait till we get a giant ISS and some alien ship starts docking on the iss


  6. For the question at the end: it depends

    How would they look?
    Would they be nice? So I don’t know the answer

    I would wanna meet them but don’t wanna die

  7. For me its human from anothe universe or human like us but a billion years ahead of us just time traveled cus the eaeth is destroyed

  8. we have give citizenship to aliens when they arrive arrive

  9. That is an fast like jet airplane that can fly higher than a plane someone actually took a picture of area 51 with this jet like airplane this airplane who flew on top of area 51 that everyone saw before people said its UFO's but no

  10. I wanna meet the aliens because what if they want a truce? I mean.. we want to terraform mars… We need some form of new technology to do that

  11. But in 19's they told that they had a weak airplane so instead they made a ufo so that they can scare of their enemy…now I am having a panic attack

  12. thanos your too early this is covid time your suppose to be in 2510 not 2020-20201

  13. I just want to know that there are aliens I dont want to meet them, because they can be very dangerous.

  14. I joined night fam a few months or probably a year ago, when it had aroud 350k subscribers, now it's passed 900k and its a huge growth i see. Really impressed and proud be a part of something great!

  15. Fun fact: Russia Always has a Sexret weapon like poseidon So the secret weapon maybe from russia

  16. I would rather not know aliens exist and live in my harmonious life. Otherwise, if we really find them, I hope we will not turn into full out war and instead work together.

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