50 Comments on “Pentagon’s Secret UFO Investigation Program & Other Signs Of Life”

  1. The day they disclose it which I doubt. But if they do. I personally wanna slap Bill Nye The Science Guy

  2. Just one video is worth the 22 million dollars, these things are clearly outside the scope of anything we've ever seen on Earth, a lot of the 22 million dollars went to things that are currently classified oh, and we have a piece of The Craft and we possibly have a complete Flying Saucer in our possession the money was well spent

  3. Science-based analysis was not able to bring to a conclusion 70 years of UFO data soda science based analysis is flawed

  4. We don't know what they are they are alien spacecraft, this is the problem with the science Community you're looking at it with tracking it on radar if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a f**** duck a****

  5. The scientific Community has the disease I called the refusal not to believe what they're seeing what their own eyes its share ignorance and resisting the reality

  6. So it's more than just fear of ridicule in the scientific community that we're dealing with with the science Community when it comes to UFOs, it's less intimidation and more refusal to accept the data no matter how well it's presented to them they want a piece of flying saucer well now we have a piece of a flying saucer and it's undergoing analysis

  7. Every cent of that 22 million dollar program was worth it the money is spent well when we find objects that operate outside of the characteristics of anything that we have and we're able to track these objects on a continuous basis it's worth the money it's an intelligence goldmine

  8. Common Sense tells you if you see other craft flying at Hypersonic speeds without breaking the sound barrier, if they can do it we can do it so we just taking a 10000 year jump in technology if we are wise enough to look at what we're send and and and doing proper analysis

  9. And then on top of that they're flying in fleets which they have been doing even since the new house film so it's nothing new that they flying fleets is nothing new that they have flying at Hypersonic speeds cuz we tracked them on radar the scientific Community is in for a shock they're going to have to eat flocks of Crow,

  10. 2:26 What an idiot. They are "repeating" PUBLICLY what they already know. This process is Sociological Fertilizing to psychologically get the fucking world up to speed to digest IMPOSSIBLE things about our HISTORY on this EARTH and stay SANE. The Awareness of not only being NOT ALONE in this Universe, but also being controlled and watched from above from all directions. This is 4 D awareness. This has unpredictable consequences for Humanity. 8 billion soon.

  11. Yes something is out there hovering around over trees and the ocean. And some people heads. That's not my focus point anymore. It's actually who is operating it and what is he up too?. I have seen one before with flashing different color lights red white and blue back in summer 1996 in fayetteville NC. It disappeared without a sound and single trace after I turned around to look at it again just seconds after I first noticed it. It was day time. No drugs use nor alcohol played a role in this one. What happens later well I have written a book. Just hasn't did anything with it yet. Its going to raise some eyes brows this stuff we just can't make up. Not for money nor for fame this is real

  12. Mainstream scientists, especially the men and women who've been in their career a long time will always discredit UFO evidence and downplay their significance. The truth is, aircraft/spacecraft of unknown origin, that are capable of hypersonic speed coupled with maneuverability that defies physical law as we understand it, travel in our atmosphere with impunity. We don't know who or what they are, or their intention.

  13. if you have not seen it
    USS NIMITZ ufo event
    BRAVE USN F-18e chased ET/EBEN

    B-17 crews saw Many "Foo Fighters" silver colred bright "Tic Tac"

    super hyper speeders
    SENATORS McCain and Reed pushed the release

  14. "100 million spent what came from it except some videos". Is he completely unaware that the program and its findings are highly classified?

  15. Main stream rubbish liers on goverment pay checks .oh you can’t go on TV and say that if you do your fired

  16. The way he so easily dismissed the video right in front of his face causes me to believe this guy is a shill.

  17. Science is congealed in technologies such as the radar or the aircraft flown by pilots. Do we assume it can be used to second-guess the motives of higher intelligence?

  18. Hero Brave and truth teller, Commander David Fravor and crews of USS NIMITZ
    and USS PRINCETON recorded and proven
    As WW2 pilots and crews witnessed many "Foo Fighters" 1943-45
    And Korea, Vietnam and obviously to today.
    USS ROOSEVELT similar UAP/UFO's/Tic Tac's
    Finally with Senators McCain and Reid pushing the Pentagon and WH we have these gun/missle camera
    recordings. So what now, END NUKES, NO SPACE NUKES
    or you may become a crispy earthling ET is super ADVANCED

  19. Crop circles: Here's the context: Chernobyl and Fukushima with the solution to repair (Hint: the formula contains a lot of GOLD).
    The LandLord has a method to repair also: Asteroids.

    Chemtrails: Alien craft disguised as terrestrial a/c to decontaminate right before the new layer of topsoil.
    TicTac: Those are the decontaminate tanks-unmanned but full of poisonous artificial cloud stuff-lesser evil.
    Dragonfly drone: Holograph is OFF/Tank is OUT : http://truthfall.com/
    One thing leads to another: You start hurling asteroids at broken reactors and the rest will break, obviously since they can't hold their breath and are pathetic to begin with.
    Habitable Earth: About 1,000 years into the future after sufficient repairs (Now, that's a bill!)
    Climate change: You lost your biome, idiots.
    Word of the day: Quantivalence
    Person of the day: Quest to coat all

  20. We Got Borg Cubes here on the east Cost..Or its Doctor Who, That Busted into our Universe by accident.

  21. So he's a scientist and he asks the question "where are the results" without emitting the hypothese that those "results" might not have been shared for reasons ? bruh

  22. He wants Scientific proof !!!!
    Really !!!
    Mane stream sciencetes Won't go near the subject .
    Just ask Neil deGrasse Tyson .

    Oh wait ….. He's one of those ass holes Too .

    And don't bother asking Michio Kaku another ass hole .
    Who believes that HE is the last word on everything .

    Kelly Beatty is just pissed that he didn't get a slice of that $ 100 billion .

  23. He’s not even interested as a scientist as to what these objects really are? They operate with no known propulsion system! I find his perspective strange & disappointing.

  24. Working scientists live in constant fear of being contradicted or even ridiculed by other scientists. Acceptance, agreement and praise by their peers is EVERYTHING to them. That is a major reason that physics, molecular biology and astronomy have progressed so very slowly in the past 60 years – nearly all scientists are afraid to propose the big theoretical jumps that are necessary to explain how aliens travel (and probably communicate) faster than light, how the first primitive life formed on Earth, the long term history and future of the universe, etc. Some physicists say that progress in physics has been virtually nonexistent in their lifetime. All of the low hanging fruit was picked by scientists decades ago, and now mankind is wrestling with the big questions. That is why this ding dong implies that the object is not of this Earth, and it is not from outside of this Earth, and look like an idiotic, confused fool. The interviewer was too passive and polite to say "If this object is not an alien space craft, then tell me right now EXACTLY what this object is. DO IT!".

  25. No Doubt this moron also believes macro evolution! Bwahahaha!! Unless I catch, cook and eat an Alien, I won't believe. Disregards the videos, the testimony of fighter pilots… etc… No proof's, enough proof.

  26. Mark my words, a false flag alien attack is coming. They'll tell us we need to unite humanity and have global governance to protect us.

  27. Why are they finally start talking about a ablong rock formation, instead of the objects whitnessed by a high ranking ( CMDR) Navy Pilot and aswell witnessed by the crew of the USS Princton on they're Radar.
    Whats wrong whith these poeple? does any body know whats in they're head, is it saw dust or what ? please tell me.

  28. Stay focused, not on Mars. What the pilot saw was a flying saucers and a fleet of them at that. Don't side step the issue. Yes flying saucers are real, not human made. What do you want to know, get real.

  29. Ohh this guy is funny . Does he really think they will tell him? They’ve been denying the craft in our skies for over 80yrs!!! Don’t be fooled, this drip drip of one incident amongst thousands… is intentional.

  30. Imagine being woken up by a cymbal tone in your inner ear and when you open your eyes , you see this being standing in your bathroom doorway- The first thing my mind said was : Your eyes are playing tricks on you, you arent really seeing this being. Then she moves slightly forward and then I know that shes real and she picks up my fear at that moment she backs further into the bathroom and out comes this huge sphere transparent with static on both sides of it. It floats right up to the side of my bed and then it shapeshifts into a smaller object and flies slowly through my ceiling
    I know the logical mind wants to explain it away- Because its so far from anything we thought possible. When this craft disappeared into the ceiling, i was frozen in my bed, eyes wide open for about 5min then I got up and went to my desk and immediately typed up what i just witnessed in my bedroom- it was 1:41 am june 16th 2017-

  31. Classic idiotic obsessive chronic skeptic……no better blind man than the one who wants who blinds himself.

  32. I wonder if scientist like this one, debunks ufo sightings because they haven't enough scientific knowledge to explain the performance of such aerial phenomena. I mean, for them to say it's real would expose themselves as not the highest scientific minds in existence. So, maybe their denial is an ego thing.

  33. That was 17 years ago, if it was a foreign adversary we would of found out after that long of time

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