Persistent detection of UAP by US NAVY Tactical Aircraft – by Ryan Graves | AIAA Forum- UAP/UFO NEWS

Without further delay, we finally retained the rights to share Ryan Graves (c) presentation on the Persistent detection of UAP by US Tactical Aircraft, 2014 to Present, at the AIAA Forum on UAP held on August 6th 2021.

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7 Comments on “Persistent detection of UAP by US NAVY Tactical Aircraft – by Ryan Graves | AIAA Forum- UAP/UFO NEWS”

  1. Good morning from the UK! Some very compelling information here… is this the incident that Lou Elizondo refers to when he mentioned the evidence he's 'SEEN' with a 'UAP' just 50 feet away from a jet?! Also, this is is the first time (for me at least) where the 'Gimbal' footage and specifically the audio in that footage referring to a "…fleet of them" has actually been discussed/explained? So there were 4-5 other 'UAP' in a 'V' formation flying ahead of the 'Gimbal' UAP… WOW!! 😲 👍

  2. Great research Thomas. Nothing better than hear n it from the horses mouth. Clears up a bunch of the How Comes.

  3. The cube inside a sphere must come from Skinwalker Ranch and the Trickster. It is almost as if they want to create new shapes of UFOs just to puzzle people.

  4. The government must know the nature of the UAP's: where they are coming from. Elizondo suggests they are "neighbors," that they live here.

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