Physics of UAP/UFO, Alcubierre Warp Drives, & Spacetime Metric Engineering with Dr. Matthew Szydagis

Oral historian Kent Bye speaks with Matthew Szydagis who is an Associate Professor of Physics at the University at Albany. Szydagis was a speaker at the Scientific Coalition of UAP Studies Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference talking about “What is the Possible Connection between UAPs and Dark Matter?” I wanted to talk to Szydagis to get his take on the feasibility of Alcubierre Warp Drives & Hal Puthoff’s ideas about “spacetime metric engineering.”

The opening keynote of SCU AAPC was Hal Puthoff, who spoke about “UAP Studies: Managing the Transition Intelligence Problem to Scientific Problem” where he elaborated on his theoretical physics expansion of Alcubierre Warp Drives. Puthoff’s concept of “spacetime metric engineering” takes an engineering approach to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, and provides a theoretical basis for some of the alleged observed anomalous behavior of UAP through the mechanism of warping of spacetime. Szydagis sees that there’s a strong theoretical foundation, but still has a lot of questions about how it would pragmatically be implemented and sources of negative energy densities that would be required.

0:00 Introductions
3:11 Does interstellar travel require new paradigms?
12:14 Lack of UAP Data for Science
15:11 Taboo & Stigma of UAP
18:05 Journey into UFO topic
22:04 Dialectic between belief & skepticism
26:46 Dark Matter, Dark Energy, & Metamaterials
34:54 UAP metamaterial waveguides
37:17 JBIS & peer review limitations
41:34 Frontier science & scientific progress
45:21 Experimental vs theoretical physicist
48:51 Quantum physics vs General Relativity
50:44 Alcubierre Warp Drives
58:59 Zero-Point Energy
1:01:59 Spacetime Metric Engineering
1:11:52 UAP propulsion predictions
1:16:17 ETH paradigm shift implications
1:20:59 Critical mass of anomalous data

Here’s my epic Twitter thread tracking the UFO/UAP story since December 2017.

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