PIA pilots spot UFO in the skies of Karachi

#SpaceShip #aliens #karachi #PIA

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49 Comments on “PIA pilots spot UFO in the skies of Karachi”

  1. Pakistan me UFO aa he na jaye kahin galti se bhi koi bhi Allien zinda nahi jayega Allah ke hukam se 😂😂

  2. Why this channel is trying ro showing any video ?? cause there News letters are 3/4 of the screen

  3. In the Quran it is clearly written that aliens don't exsist in the world . For getting the views you are spresding rumours . On the day of Judgement you all will be answerable.

  4. After 2020 corona's virus 2021 is going to be our final boss level fight with aliens.

    Pack yourself up we gotta some aliens to hunt.

  5. After China debt and IMF-5 billion bailout Pakistan looking for #loan from aliens that's why aliens' ship flying over Pakistan 🤣🤣😂😂👍👍👍

  6. Mein india se hu aur like 1 week 4 din pehle rajasthan mein same aisa he kuch dekha tha humne rat ke time I have video proof

  7. A little alien was found alive in Lahore about 5 years ago.. some kids killed it and Burried it. Search for "Alien Found In Lahore"

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