Pilot who flew Obama talks with FOX News on UFO Encounter!

Last month, a pilot who flew for President Obama during his 2008 campaign wrote an article about an incredible UFO sighting he had in 1989. We covered it in this article in April.

Updated Story here:

This weekend he spoke to Clayton Morris on Fox News’ Fox and Friends about his UFO experience.



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  1. Not that any association with obama gains any credibility. I believe him, but I HATE obama, his administration and what they have done and are doing to our country. They are criminals and need to be treated as traitors NOT leaders.

  2. Who was the captain, will he corroborate? Not that it matters, this guy is as credible as they come. No doubts here!

  3. He gives two different accounts of the phase of the moon. In the video, he states it was a crescent, which is correct (it would have been a four-day-old crescent on April 10, 1989 at 8 pm). However, in a New York Daily News article, from April 7, 2015, (Google: andy danziger ufo new york daily news), written five weeks earlier than the above video, in which he gives the date and time of the incident, he states that the moon was full. It CAN'T have been both full and a crescent. He's either lying about the date, or the phase. If it WERE indeed a full moon, it would have been rising in the East, in the same direction and at approximately the same time as his UFO, and could easily have explained that UFO. I wonder why he changed his story?

  4. "giant red ball in de sky" ehmmm.. sunrise / sunset? I see it everyday on my way to work.

  5. I've seen shit I can't explain what the hell I'm looking at I'm too embarrassed to talk about it…

  6. Clayton Morris today is the 2nd time I've heard your interested in this type of stuff, the moon structure. 8:45, 50ish am ET today. I love you bro! no homo. Your my Hero of the Day Man! I want you to have the best!!!
    Thank you & you're right, the fear is strange but what's worse are the ones skilled at threatening others over it. They are the seed warts of society & corruptors of creativity!
    Everybody's got to find there own truth 🙂 a piece of mine.

  7. Thanks for coming forward. I am not a pilot but I have seen UFOs. the only thing I suggest you next time you fly and see one, make movie, take a picture with your cellular phone, everyone has one these days. With a evidence of the quality no one will laugh at you.

  8. What a weakassed, vague and unprofessional recount of something supposed to have made a considerable impact on his mind. It sounds almost incredible to me. Fake disclosure coming up as predicted?

  9. Knowing many commercial pilots, it's kind of an unspoken rule, you don't talk about seeing ufos, if you so. It's practically an automatic termination of your job. And when looking for new flight jobs in the commercial arena, and it they catch wind that you got canned for seeing ufos, you'll most likely not get the job

  10. Just read the majority of the comments on this video, yet you still sit there and wonder why people are concerned about coming out into the open to share their experiences. So ignorant, not to mention the majority of the shit talkers clearly have the iq equal to that of an infantile gerbil

  11. Fox "news" host asking about it changing shape and color like he just asked Kim Jong un how serious are you about using nuclear weapons?

  12. I saw a UFO, it was shaped like a giant Jaffa Cake. A guy tried to shoot it down, but got covered in orange gunge, so had to give up.

  13. obama was smoking so much weed on that flight they saw aliens now that is some wicked shit….

  14. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is on the motherplane Aka the huge U.F.O that holds 1500 small UFO'S the government is secretly preparing to fight in this final war between Satan vs God.Take it or leave it The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is protected by this power over our heads!

  15. Report like this , we need to see so we can teach to everybody that we are visiting by UFOs for THOUSAND Of years.

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