Podcast UFO, Curtis Collins Interview

First we have Astronomy with Andy Fleming, UFO News with John Tobin and our guest, Curtis Collins speaks of the Cash Landrum Case, the general state of the UFO field and more. Check out Curtis’ blog: Blue Blurry Lines

Go to original youtube video here UCSTVGU0oHJp-gvlYPfWUvWQ

9 Comments on “Podcast UFO, Curtis Collins Interview”

  1. Asking for proof of the Maylaysian case is reminiscent of mainstream scientists asking for proof of the ET Hypothesis before investigating the subject.For fux sake,Rsy Stanford detailed the apparent snatch of a B52 from Carswell AFB over the Gulf of Mexico in 1968.You guys should know about that,since you have a pulpit at your disposal,take a lot of time to inform your opinions.

  2. There may be 7 year old near-babies crawling around,Dr Curtis,but I haven't seen one.Even southerners should take exception with that illiteration.
    Martin,the black project test in public explanation is a tired old horse.CIA has a million acres devoted to such creepy activities.After all,the gizmos guys like you love to drool over, are basically robbing the citizens and the infrastucture of sorely needed funding.Diplomacy pays dividends by putting new state technology for peaceful purposes.

  3. Omg,yeah,the govt wants an agency to forward ufo sightings to a civilian group.Like Martin wants a ball gag to wear during the show lol

  4. Very impressed with your show Martin. To bad you don’t have the coast to coast late gig. Keep the great guest coming.

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