Police Helicopter FLIR Camera captures UFO Flying against the wind traveling at 106 mph South Wales

2016 South Wales UK police department films UFO with night vision FLIR Camera the UFO could not be seen with the naked eye and was traveling over 100 miles an hour against the wind going north west.

It Was later reported the powers that be tried to cover up this very important UFO incident

The police officers maintain to this day it was a real UFO





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  1. nice just about to go to bed, then boom u come threw with this 💎 of video! ty my friend 💚💙👽🛸

  2. wiw this is very impressive definitely something different! well im going to have to agree not of this world and definitely not myflock flying around! 💚👍🏻🖖🏻🛸👽💙

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  4. LOVE that you always bring us the new and exciting stuff. Not just rehashing the same stuff we have all seen a thousand times. Great work!

  5. Must have been picking up my brain waves, was just thinking it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you post. Great clip!

  6. Great stuff Bud! When it takes a 1/4 of a million just to see it. There’s definitely something going on there. Great find! Love waking up at 2 am for no reason, then finding a new Video 😂 all the best!

  7. I wanna see a clear UFO footage no blurry stuff or filmed through a flir or whatever!
    Since the leaked videos by this self loving and annoying guy Corbell I'm just tired of this kind of footage tbh!

  8. Absolutely incredible sighting. I believe it is manmade for many reasons. It knows the chopper has limited abilities so it displays it's abilities. That is human reasoning at best.

  9. Nocturnal News, It would be neat if you know, and could share any underwater bases (USO Activity).

  10. Nocturnal News, Also it is a possibility that inside the earth there could be is a UFO base. Many of us think that they come through a different dimension. Again a possible underwater base. The person who finds out where they are hiding, will of course unlock the mystery.

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  12. Just subscribed to your channel you got a Mention from Secureteam 10 to check you out. I’m from the uk 🇬🇧 I like what I see thank you for being here analysing these phenomena and to enlighten 🤝👍

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  14. I hope you remember me bc I admire your animal sanctuary and wish I had that life. Im glad you got this footage, its crazy to see. Good to see Tyler shouted you out finally. I hope you guys do a crazy vid series or something major. Take care and keep the vids coming, I love the quality and care you put into them.

  15. Best video I’ve seen in probably since Nimitz and splash splash. A big wassup from SecureTeam! Glad I came

  16. I don’t know what it is but because it’s flir footage, based on the flir footage I’ve seen, I think that the object has intermittent thrust. My guess is that it’s “ours”…. this time 🧐😃

    P.s. Tyler sent me 👍 watching your library now.

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