Possible red disc like UFO?? spotted on Denver 7 News!!

Possible red disc like UFO?? spotted on Denver 7 News!!

Clip courtesy of Denver 7 News
Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2MJlKSq9_pYk5-bdvMhnw
Video Analysis and breakdown by the UFO MAN Channel
Intro and Outro by the UFO MAN Channel/Edited by Thomas Fessler

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21 Comments on “Possible red disc like UFO?? spotted on Denver 7 News!!”

  1. what the hell was that? that's gotta be one of the most bizarre things in the sky I have seen. I am starting to wonder if living things are in space and the upper atmosphere and they come down now and then.

  2. Look at that entity just PUSHING away the chemtrail crap! AMAZING! We love you star people! Keep penetrating through the fake skies we paint on to kill ourselves. Shine truth through!

  3. Weird ! Looks like a triangular shaped craft at the centre , possibly emitting the red circle of energy ? 👍✌️

  4. Possibly a drop of moisture, played it multiple times. It instantly appears (to see the depth) clean camera lens, possibly not, definitely unique

  5. Woah, News stations are on a Roll with U.F.O sightings now.. Hhmmm..very interesting..It used to be such a TABOO subject.

  6. Im gonna guess at digital artifact but its an interesting digital artifact XD
    Obviously could be wrong…. Thanks for the upload UFO MAN – keep up the great werk.

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