Possible UFO Contact & Theories – Paranormal News / The Trippy Show

We cover two recent UFO sightings, one in West Virginia and another in Ohio, as well as introduce some trippy UFO theories!

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13 Comments on “Possible UFO Contact & Theories – Paranormal News / The Trippy Show”

  1. Hey Cindy is my brother can you give a shout out to him please give a shout out to me

  2. I live in Lee high on the dirt roads and one night I was coming home and I saw a square in the sky and when i went to take a pic my phone shut down and the square lit up and disappeared

  3. Trippy commentaries you should check out Serbian last video he found a square floating below the zancodo hanger.

  4. @Trippy Commentaries Hey man would to introduce my self. Im just a new suscriber and yes i follow all of these and stuff to make theories and ideas I aldo would like to tell you that all these aliens come from one of the planetariums maybe.–>these are planets that scientist it COULD BE POSSIBLE TO LIVE THERE BUT WE DONT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE A SPACESHIP TO ACTUALLY GO THERE AND CHECK IT OUT BY OURSELVES.<– SO this my theori i checked out like back to 3 episodes of the show you guys were talking about a jersey sighting well you guys said line and with that line it came up to me right away.(line)you think is military flight test. But in Jersey City they definately going to know they'll be sightings in these kinds of newbirhood.(NOTICE)–I WAS RUNNING LATE AND I DID NOT HAD TIME TO DO IT EXACTLY SO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN.)) Theori: If it is the military doing FLIGHTS OR FLIGHT TESTS IN SUCH CROWDED PARTS wouldn't it be obvious that is them let us know not in a scary and directly way as you guys may think-example-news>Aliens Exist..People whaaatttsssss yooo people may get afraid and you know…..

    Or is just for us to get accostume seeing these UFOs or maybe in THE FUTURE ALIENS who knows might or might not but i would like to get your opinion over here this is Dari finishing off.

  5. In Colorado we don’t have the world best cell reception. If I’m going into the backcountry I just usually leave my cell phone in my car. I think a lot will do this in remote areas and that explains why some rural sightings don’t get recorded. FYI I live In a huge hot spot isn’t the San Luis Valley.

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