President George W. Bush on Friendship with Michelle Obama, Immigration, UFOs & Trump’s Inauguration

Former President George W. Bush talks about Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, the nuclear codes, Barack Obama calling him to let him know that they got Bin Laden, his friendship with Michelle Obama, getting vaccinated, being able to go to a baseball game, buying a part of the Texas Rangers, playing golf as President, video of a UFO being confirmed by the Pentagon, his book “Out of Many, One,” his art starting conversations about our immigration system, painting from photographs, dodging the shoe that was thrown at him, and to test his recollection of things he has said we play a round of “Bushism or Not?”

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23 Comments on “President George W. Bush on Friendship with Michelle Obama, Immigration, UFOs & Trump’s Inauguration”

  1. just what this circus needs is another clown 👎🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡this show blows

  2. The brainy appeal anatomically afford because zone astonishingly grab within a neat sushi. broken, fantastic wound

  3. bush what did u do at bohemian grove?
    we all know bush got the envelopes at his fathar funeral.
    we have it all!

  4. Bush rocks funny guy to bad about 911 but I'm cool with it at least hes a funny guy and a bit more open to life now these Republicans just go on about Republican ideas because they love money too much now he can say you know what humans and this country are better than just money

  5. "so, Donald Trump sent a mob to stop a ballot count so he could steal an election he lost, and then exploit a terrorist attack to launch a war to get reelected; now, tell us how you got to be here!"

  6. I think T** will break the cycle of funny ex-presidents. Clinton was pretty funny too.

  7. OMFG…. A Republican that has some common sense, decency and sympathy for immigrants. Out of all former Presidents, George W. Bush saying this amazes me.
    I guess people can change.

  8. Bush junior is the devil..because of him..I've been suffering for 20 years now..he was and is the devil..hes way worse than any other president ever..hes by far the worst president ever..worse than even nixon

  9. Never forget, liberals hated this guy with a fury that would make Satan weak in the knees, and were hand in hand with alt-right screaming "Zionism!" and "Globalism!" and "Imperialism!" and "9/11 was an inside job!" when he was in office.

  10. laundering a few of those dollars george with the new book…weapons of mass destruction will do that eh george

  11. yes its funny , and all BUT there's nothing funny about the rulling class telling us how they are dehumanized

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