President Trump on UFOs: I'm not a believer but anything's possible

Trump tells Tucker Carlson that he has not heard of the U.S. government possessing wreckage from a UFO, but that he has an ‘open mind’; reaction and analysis from journalist Nick Pope, who once investigated UFO sightings for the British Ministry of Defense.

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42 Comments on “President Trump on UFOs: I'm not a believer but anything's possible”

  1. people forget there are people higher than presidents and seemingly "world leaders" in this world..

    i legit think ANYBODY capable of a tv appearance isnt privy to this information.

  2. One million Americans have claimed abducted by aliens since 1960’ 😂 Frankly they was brought back 🤷🏼‍♂️ Have you ever heard of any European alien abductions ???

    No !! They keep the Europeans 😂
    We are smarter 💯
    – we do live in kosmos – on a planet –
    Thats a Classification :
    We ARE🌍Aliens !

  3. they RIGGED that election, because Trump was going to blow the Lid on UFO's……they agreed on "Space Force" instead……..and they booted him out anyways, because he was a wildcard and liability.

  4. Space Force, I can understand why we need it today to protect us from rival countries, but c`mon 2+2 does equal 4 no matter what woke folks say.Wake up for real.

  5. He said “I’ve seen some interesting things” which is he’s been shown a little bit of evidence, enough to know that there is something going on. The intelligence agencies were smart enough to not tell him too much, they know he’s not able to keep a secret like that.

  6. Canada has free healthcare and it’s awesome I don’t understand why Americans tremble at the thought your the only country in the world who don’t how sad

  7. With James Webb telescope plus other means the chance of finding a livable planet 🌎 like ours is great and the chance of finding another alien civilization likely. It’s very likely because of our advancement and new abilities Contact is likely because now we can find them and they can come out of hiding

  8. I saw an extraterrestrial in the Colorado mountains with my bare eyes and even spoke to him.

  9. Extraterrestrials keep Americans safe from radical Islamic terrorism and guys like Kim jong-un who think they can invade us and take our property

  10. Well you got to think about how much space there is in the space and universe we can't be the only ones think about how big the universe is and we're just in the milky way galaxy think about that but I respect Donald's opinion

  11. I'm just going to build donald spaceship let's make a replica of the millennium falcon show how powerful we really are

  12. There's a lot of history in the USA of unidentified objects and even farmers with stories of unidentified objects flying and crop circles

  13. You want the American dream in the future of America get me the right opportunity in a communication with the smartest CIA guys you have and let me join them and supply them with extra terrestrial weapons and let's let isis know that we don't play when it comes to hurting American soil I could even have each gun say their name like in that movie doom

  14. The question is, if aliens are real will they be baptized: will they be judged by the color of their skin: will they create an organization called ALM (ALL LIVES MATTER) just asking. haha…

  15. I don't think that US Government would know about aliens and rest of people not. Why would that be the case ? It's stupid

  16. When he was interviewed by his son Jr.
    He says he will think about it if he will declassify roswell. If you have common sense you already know the answer

  17. It's the classic answer. I don't believe in them but anything is possible . It's not yes it's not no .

  18. I am jfk jr. I am in a woman's body. I am Jesus H Heather Christ. I am trumps soul. I am pilot of galactic federation motbership. I am trumps soul. The clone is clueless

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