PREVIEW • OffWorld UFO Disclosure News Report • AATIP

💥 Premiering on Friday, August 14th, on THIS channel 💥
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💥 A Video News Magazine about UFOs & Disclosure 💥
👽 Will be premiered Friday 12 noon PDT 👽

👽 In the meantime if you are interested in the UFO topic, we have a great video of UFO footage from around the world accompanied by our own composed Space Ambient Music, here –
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7 Comments on “PREVIEW • OffWorld UFO Disclosure News Report • AATIP”

  1. Amazing content!! Great job!! Just subbed. Look forward to your next videos! 💖💖👍🏻❤️👍🏻🌈💕💕🦄👽🛸

  2. Looks great and I like how you are using your own music from First Contact in the background 🖖 which I keep listening to btw

  3. This preview was so great that hardly can wait till tomorrow..!! By the way I´m living in Finland, in the North Europe, and probably our morning is your evening and vice versa.. But I´ll check it out! PS. If you are interested in the nature of those light spheres that i´ve seen at a ground, please feel free to take a look at my channel´s playlist: "Strange Lights at a Ground Level.." Thank you and have a wonderful day 😀

  4. Cool I personally think that in the comics and film is influenced by real stuff taht happens so imagine things like Captain ameirca but realistic and iron man for example

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