Psaki Comments on U.S. Intelligence Report on UFOs

Asked about the status of a report on unidentified flying objects, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said, “We take reports of incursions into our air space by any aircraft – identified or unidentified – very seriously and investigate each one.”

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31 Comments on “Psaki Comments on U.S. Intelligence Report on UFOs”

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  2. So disturbing them giggling about advanced aircraft in U.S. restricted airspace pushing back Navy destroyers! Something is seriously mentally wrong with them!

  3. A lot of people immediately think ET's when UFO's are mentioned but the U stands for unidentified which simply means a flying object that they can't identify which means it may or may not be something of this world.

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  5. There is no way it is Russia and/or China. It would be like if they had smartphones and we were still using rotary phones.

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  7. Jen Psaki has got to be the best White House Press Secretary of all time. She is confident, thinks fast.
    and intelligent. Oh, and she doesn't twist the truth, its been so long, is telling the truth still in fashion?

  8. Am I the only one that is glad, our government never keeps secrets from the public.

    That's called Sarcasm

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