1. Egypt, a huge HUMAN FACE image, very
    near of the Sphinx of Gizeh (aerial Stern´s photography)

  2. Please watch “The Nazi Banksters' Crimes – Ripple Effect “, it has a plan that works. Download 'the way home or face the fire' dot net , all questions answered

  3. Top comments are the most retarded ones and off-topic.
    One talks about sponge bob at our ancestors carvings , other talks about trading cards.
    Humanity has devolved.
    Proof ? read top comments.

  4. Not all these things r fake, many of them r very much real, but hav either been covered up or destroyed. How do I know this? Why is this very Issue still talked about today? Where did it all start then?? for what purpose? If the Govt truly hav nothing to hide (apart from the corrupt money making and real Military might they have), then y r these stories arnd in the first place? Y arnt we taught about these things in schools, y isnt it considered or mentioned in history??

  5. That's exactly what I was thinking! Even with a title this video makes no sense at all, and provides maybe 2 intriguing pictures throughout the whole thing …

  6. Faked crop circle by some people I know of. Idian wedding costume made of reeds. picture showing BONES? but has nothing to do with aliens of any kind. Symbols that say nothing about aliens then more faked crop circles by students. Fake alien. Another fake alien and another same faked alien we made up in the 70's! Egyptian non alien stuff! all stupid child level stuff not worth even to look at and should not be on the web

  7. they want to put everyone off the track with the reeds in a bucket there are ufos involved in ancient writings all over the world

  8. hello everyone I would like to find out the title of the composition which can be heard under the video thank you

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