15 Comments on “Pyramid UFOs / UAP: Jeremy Corbell on Fox News”

  1. Well if an “Alien invasion” happens just know the new world oder is upon us smh 2:14 lol I’ve heard Horrific stories about the things that have happened to people in military camps by their own comrades so I doubt that shocked them

  2. It wouldn't have to be leaked if they didn't cover up the 54 years I've been alive. (Who) are they Protecting ? Obviously not the (Public) … [Do you see what "They" have done to America in the last year ?

  3. Guys just stop searching they exist but the government will never admit it and nor show us them in our life times

  4. Wait for that! USA gvt: they are a threat we need to invest some billions $ and rearm! Now they have the excuse! Wait for it.

  5. I'm glad they're finally acknowledge there's something real out there we don't understand instead of mocking people and slandering them with intel ops like the National Enquirer.
    I'm also cognizant of the warning claimed to have been given to Carol Rosin by Werner Von Braun regarding using "ET invasion" as an excuse for militarization of space (Space Force, a-hem).

    While there is surely an intelligence (or several) out there (or beyond our 3 dimensions) I fear the constant need for war and militarism with any excuse jingoists will believe will cost the US more lives, years, and dollars better spent on roads and schools.

  6. scare tactics. Intent? Theve been here since the begging oif time, and have yet to show hostility. These guys are part of PBB. Fake Invasion to instill fear.

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