REALIST NEWS – I think a UFO presented itself to me the other day. Video at end

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45 Comments on “REALIST NEWS – I think a UFO presented itself to me the other day. Video at end”

  1. this is getting as bad as Bitcoin Ben. aliens, special psychic friends, insiders, woowoo friends, spirits, insiders, dreams and visions…. how is anyone supposed to take him serious any longer?

  2. Same experience for me here in UK. Last year saw 4 orbs in the sky, looked like observing the area. They were moving strangely not like a plane or anything. Then one started blinking. Like the whole thing was blinking. Then the others shifted out of sight but that one stayed a while staying a solid light then for a few seconds every five minutes it would blink. Then it went out of sight. I was amazed with a strange reassurance that I was safe. I couldn't stop staring through my binoculars.

  3. Pride…our easiest trigger into the falling. We have no power isolated in self to discern the many beings. Our only chance is to allow our shepherd to discern for/through us. You appear excited— like a child—at your new discoveries. What you are opening your eyes to is NOT new. It has been and will be with or without you. Take care in what what you, of your own free will, choose to look into…your desire to look into things grants direct permission for those things to look into you. Not all of those things care for you as you see yourself. Their interest is in your heritage. You as you see yourself can easily be lost, while your heritage is harvested. I pray you have the ears to hear this.

  4. Joe, next time do not attempt to record them, instead completely relax and project only positive loving thoughts. They will approach you. Close your eyes and do this, it will help. They avoid all fear and lower emotions and are attracted to pure love. That is Greers theory, during a CE5 contact event in the desert. I saw this once, but you had a better view than I did years ago. You're a popular guy!

  5. Jsnip My Man, I know that for a fact. You just saw a U. F. O… I have seen a few of them in my life. Same kind of movement. Fast Moves. Awesome. Keep Smiling. Cliff Q.

  6. it's frustrating snippy because they present themselves and that exact manner so that you brush it off as a plane but in my experience they're not always plans. I live not too far from you and this is a regular occurrence. I have had them start rocking from side to side even just flown in one spot s*** tons of crazy videos I recorded on my channel

  7. From someone in the UK the weirdest thing in this episode is that you're still making spontaneous visits to a friend. I hope you guys don't get the new mutation of the virus over there!

  8. Does not look like any conventional aircraft I’ve seen before. Time to start reaching out and calling them in Snip. I would not be surprised if they see the light coming from the charged up auras from you and your family. Keep going Snip and can’t wait to see what is next for you. Thank You for sharing. 🙏🏼

  9. I've always heard the fallen angels, evil entities are disguised as "aliens" in the mainstream accountings. Be careful what you wish for.

  10. you should start claiming that you're getting information on how the deep state will be arrested from the galactic federation of planets, pretty sure it would work well

  11. yep the trajectory was definitely too skewed for a standard aircraft. What a fascinating night you had. In 2009 i saw a bright red and orange light hovering stationary in the sky and it suddenly shot straight toward the ground and dematerialised all within a split second. I was forced to recalibrate all of my doubts about ufo's since that night happened

  12. Snippy, my gut says don't court these things, don't seek interaction btwn them & you. Holy scripture calls it divination and forbids it in no uncertain terms. Even if they're 'good' spirits, they're still fallen & we aren't to dabble. Just like people run the gamut of personalities, so do the fallen angels that were banished to this realm: they can be friendly, playful, mischievous, rude, cruel, even deadly ('tho they're not allowed to kill us outright, they can lead us to destroy ourselves) so you really must be very cautious here. They ALL hate God & hate what He loves most, human beings…b/c we're made in God's image. They've been here since before we arrived & can pretend to be who they're not (such as the souls of the deceased or of historical figures; & they'll lie to make us believe it.) They're ALL tricksters. Many people want to connect with these things. It's not a Good idea, not at all. I believe we're IN the Day of Judgment (a period of time preceding the return of Christ & the annihilation of this realm;) and scripture also says that IN this time, the veil btwn them & us is most transparent & they're making themselves known to us more than ever before, & in greater numbers. Sightings are off the charts. All the more reason to deny your curiosity and just provide for your family. Find a diff't hobby.
    I'm just an old woman with unsolicited advice but I hope you'll heed it (also any who read this, take heed.)

  13. There is some kind of software that stops the camera motion so that you can verify the "S" motion of the object. See if you can find it.

  14. I want to tell you something about U.F.O.s My first and one of many encounters with these vehicles, happened in 1982. For all these years I have been on a journey trying to figure these vehicles out. I have come to some conclusions which settled my heart about what and where they come from. They are looking for you not you looking for them.

  15. I wasn't there, and I can not say it was not a UFO. It does remind me of a helicopter, but not seeimg it in person, who can be sure?

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  17. Wow dude, you ain’t going believe this,, but I just got freed of this space ship,. The alien forces just landed in North Carolina, and we flew over Florida that night. , I bet that is the same space ship that you saw. The one I was on. What a small world we live in😅

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