Records show thousands of UFO sightings in Manitoba

Jon Hendricks on records showing thousands of UFO sightings stretching back to the earliest days of the province’s existence.

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50 Comments on “Records show thousands of UFO sightings in Manitoba”

  1. Not one human could pull out of a beam if aliens wanted you.. they would have you!!

  2. Im waiting to see one, I have my 800 mm lens ready. It can see the moon up close so I know I could see the UFO up close too

  3. I can't wait till the day that we actually have absolute proof of these UFOs just to wipe the stupid, arrogant smirks off these idiots faces. If you are going to do a serious story about these sightings, why sit there and smirk like you are talking about Santa Claus?

  4. what if all the ufos were just some fancy drones with lots of lights? we should use aliens to explains things as our last resort, not asume everything that isnt obvious is extraterrestial

  5. I wouldn't believe what he said at all. Same in Poland / england… 5 arm star looking spinning backwards but hovering forward bright shiny colours bursting out of it, that night I was stargazing and the photo are unreal using nikon D3200 or 3500+x300 zoom lens, Meade tripad

  6. Believe in evidence not conspiracy. How about those drones, jet packs, and other military experimental equipment. Produce evidence outside of cloning animals with humans and then you have a show.

  7. The craziest part about this is how those guys in 1792 saw something very similar to the UFO’s released by the USA government this year

  8. So RC drones can't fly in a straight line and can't have orange lights on them? If you look at the still at 3:10 it even look exactly like a RC drone.

  9. Has anyone ever had a alien abduction dream. Because I had one lucid dream of one when I was 6 haha

  10. 2021 and the sightings are still very blurry. You will never see a clean picture. I don't believe it.

  11. Flying orbs in 1792? Probably just parachuters with flares practicing formation sky diving.

  12. And someone needs to investigate if he has children or grandchildren, because his toy collection is very suspect!!!!

  13. Bruh a few weeks ago me my family were driving on st vital by Dakota colliagite we saw a dark yellow cargo plane on the sky not even moving a single bit

  14. A bunch of these UFO’s are seen in or around bodies of water. Those guys from the old west might have really seen them

  15. I have studied UFO’s for many years. I think that they come from a multiple dimensional world, with 4 or 5 dimensions. Since we have only 3 dimensions, they can pop in and out of our world quite easily.

  16. I was intrested in ufo’s when i was 11 or 12 and me and my friend saw one chasing a airplane and wanted to cath it on video but couldnt😁


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