Report Says Mystery Drones Hovered Over Navy Destroyers Off California Coast | NBC News NOW

Several drones repeatedly swarmed Navy destroyers off the California coast in July 2019, and it remains unclear who was behind the brazen nighttime flights, according to a report on the website The Drive, quoting ship logs.
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Report Says Mystery Drones Hovered Over Navy Destroyers Off California Coast | NBC News NOW


46 Comments on “Report Says Mystery Drones Hovered Over Navy Destroyers Off California Coast | NBC News NOW”

  1. Why they dont shoot down threats is beyond comprehension, you know they're testing limitations

  2. I HAVE Been TOLD By A Retired USAF COL. Paul , That Most Of These Craft Sightings ( ie ) the White TIC TOC Was A Reversed Engineered Anti Gravity Craft ! Think About This…. The 1947 Roswell Incident Was The Door Opener , so to Speak ! The DEEP State Has Had A Secret Space Program Since The 1970's According To Col. Paul. There Is So Much Being Kept Secret Behind The CURTAIN , Only A Trickle Effect Is Slowly Leaking A Guarded Amount Of Info ! keep looking up !

  3. They call it drones….how do they know that they are drones? What does ET call it?
    What if there is ET inside?…..Still a drone?
    Fravor's Tic-Tac drone was 40 ft…..A 40 ft ultra-uber-accelerating-hypersonic 'Drone'

  4. The title here is misleading and presumptuous, there is no indication that these UFO's are drones. A drone by definition has no pilot, we don't know what is inside these craft. The word "drone" indirectly implies a terrestrial origin,…ie, (people build drones). There is a very strong chance that these UFO's are of extraterrestrial origin, as the simple answer will be found in the council of Occam's Razor.

  5. There are no aliens they are fallen angels, being controlled by Satan .why is this country so gullible because they've lost faith Jesus Christ, God is real, the devil is real,your being,l deceived all the answers are in the Bible we don't know what they are I know what they are, mark my words this is what's going to happen one of these beings will land they will Proclaim immense power and convince the world to have peace this is where the Antichrist will come believe me it's going to happen, the devil has many twists

  6. Out of space? UFO's does not mean they are from another planet. It means exactly what it means. Unidentified! Ninety or more percent can be determined with time. No little green men are visiting our planet.

  7. As we can search Mars why shouldn’t Aliens search our planet… where is the best place to hide, I bet way down in our oceans, so star looking there. Develop an algorithm to scan al surface of every ocean.

  8. Frustratingly more ‘hearsay’ and ‘chat’. No sonar or radar images. No photos or videos. All that tech. It’s invading air Space and they don’t shoot at it? Good military/navy. 😆

  9. People like to believe it’s aliens, it could be, but it’s still most likely of terrestrial origin. Don’t discount the most likely.

  10. F-18s have a minimal stall speed, they can't hover so not sure just how good of a view they had of the object. Why not send out a helicopter to get a better look next time?

  11. UAEs … have been around forever … they come and go through portals within our atmosphere, another dimension and of course defy all the laws of physics etc as we know … do some research on that if you will. The sceptics unable to accept whatever we encounter will soon be brought to light and given food for thought, it challenges everything we believe in and have been told that's hidden away. Our air space being invaded that's a security issue worldwide. I myself encountered a phenomenon decades ago … hid it away due to being ridiculed .. now I know I'm not losing it as first thought. 😉

  12. Funny how they think is a threat and just Now paying attention to it! Hey are here to ss “hello”……for now. They know the limits of our technology!

  13. Zoom or a type of surveillance technology to get a close-up view this is the United States Navy so what's going on

  14. I have a scope on my rifle that could count the hairs from a squirrel almost a thousand yards away.. and all we get in the United States Navy are blurred video

  15. UFOs are mainly sited around military areas where advanced technology is used, such as nuclear weapons or power sources such as they us on Naval warships. From what I know, I bet my last buck that the UFOs swarm these location to stop us destroying this planet & ourselves. They're technology is way more advanced than anything we humans have so they certainly don't want our stuff, or need it!

  16. . Are these UFO/UAPs reports a coverup for years bad of intelligence .?.Oops, we didn't apply both the people and technology to identify the origin of these drones, UAVs..Cushy jobs inside the Pentagon.?I hope this isn't a case of "Well if we identify them were out of a job." Why bother identifying anything. Just keep telling the public and, Congress,"Yep there real" and we don't know where they're from.LOL Yeah, real foreign drones and UAVs from Russian, China,

  17. Farrakhan is right! They do exists. The world owes him an apology. While the world was making mockery of him and his UFOs speeches, he was correct in saying over 10-15 years ago, “ Before you can establish your mockery of me, you will see these wheels over the major cities of America and the world”. He said these wheels are to destroy America and white peoples who enslaved Gods peoples, the blacks in America and in the Western Hemisphere. Well they’re here now, flying all around your military installations, over your highly sensitive military nuclear ships and submarines. Playing with your Air Force pilots in the air. You cannot pick them up on your sensitive airspace radars….. you’re in trouble! They’re here to aid the black man whom you delighted in killing all the days we were here in America. Retribution! Payback!

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