Report to reveal extent of government's knowledge of UFOs

Since 2007, the U.S. government has been studying unidentified aerial phenomena behind the scenes, collecting videos of possible UFO sightings. The Pentagon admits what’s depicted in the videos – captured by the US military – is something they can’t explain.


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35 Comments on “Report to reveal extent of government's knowledge of UFOs”

  1. Ughh, I swear if Aliens come here and take over earth were fucked, Do you know how far behind we are, WE DONT EVEN HAVE A SUPER MAN TO PROTECT US! Unless the government has a super solider that will help us

  2. Can we all just agree these are classified aircraft and the government doesn’t want there finger prints on them.

  3. A bunch of balloons with a strobe light and a covering could create that pyramid in the sky

  4. You're joking with the title, right? Or do you seriously expect this administration of this government to "reveal the extent" of its knowledge on anything? It would be a very, very short reveal if they did. instead, we will get the same bloviating obfuscations we always get. And what's with the "since 2007"? Ever heard of Roswell? Geez, are there any institutions remaining in America that aren't overrun by dumble-headed millennials with degrees in critical stupidity?

  5. Those are darpa designed drones using magnetic propulsion with pyramid power. The Egyptians figured out magnetic power before we did, that’s why the Pyramids were built. The power of the pyramid has been lost knowledge, the ancients understood it as there are massive pyramids built all over the world. Does anyone else find that peculiar? No way they all built pyramids out of coincidence. They emit a power, and when you add powerful magnets you have a craft that can defy physics, because it’s propulsion is from magnets

  6. There are no incursions… These fallen giant's descendants (Nephillim) living in subterranean caverns were here before us since the days of Noah's Flood… We are the ones violating their territory.

  7. Look they hid this from us because it was a huge discovery now there releasing it. What makes u think there only releasing it because it’s nothing compared to what they just found out

  8. I am very interested in this ufo stuff! Unfortunately Fox/Faux news cant be trusted because they lie! (Turns Chanel) i wish i could ban fox from my news feeds

  9. Until I talked to a alien face to face I'm just going to believe it is the blue beam project ,demrats are trying to distract us from their insidious agenda . Everyone should be a little scared when they start going to this level to distract us. Every time something dumb like this happens I don't even pay attention to it I really try to focus on what is behind the curtain that they're trying to hide it could be the biden laptop cuz the news did start talking about that it started resurfacing that laptop will probably end most Democrats

  10. I'm sorry but if we see flying pyramids then it is more plausible that aliens are operating them than humans. I think the burden is on all these new experts popping up from the caves they have been stashed in to prove it is not alien rather than the other way around.

  11. This report will be only the first acknowledgment of seemingly unknown objects in our sky’s it’s the minimum that they will report and they hope by showing their in the dark as much as the rest of the world they hope it will be enough to stop further investigations into the worlds involvement and contact with other beings which for what ever reason they are fearful of revealingly

  12. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE RESOLUTIONS??? when they scan other countries it's HD, but when it comes to UFO it's LD….why is that?

  13. Seriously, how can one still not believe that theres extraterrestial life out there.

    Just check the facts:
    There are about 6 billion ( earth like planets in the milky galaxy alone.

    We have discovered about 200 billion ( other galaxies in the observable universe.

    The unobservable universe is about 250 as big as the observable universe.

    Do the math * * 250

    Life is out there, it is everywhere.

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