32 Comments on “Retired US Navy Chief explains tech witnessed in UFO aircraft sighting”

  1. Why would any advanced civilization want to talk to azzholes that would fall for get rich easy schemes advertised on YouTube?

  2. Now hes bitching about congress not doing anything? This is what cuomo wanted. The democrats in control. You mean theyre not doing anything? Shocker.

  3. Congress needs to spend the necessary money to research and identify what we are dealing with. Then we need to create or discover what ever technological advances we need to defend ourselves . Its unacceptable that there are objects flying around U.S. airspace with impunity. Use whatever means at our disposal to take one of those crafts down and examine it.

  4. There are obvious reasons aliens would avoid contacting us. They could be afraid or they could just be studying us and not want to interfere.

  5. Is it Chinese tech? Dude we gonna get our kicked, we have been too soft with them, now it is too late!

  6. Are we being play by the medias? Is this thing possible? If there were really Aliens surrounding from time to time U.S military base and Navy, wouldn t that be the greatest news of all time, this is definitely sounds like a fake news! It can t be true!

  7. This reporter will flat out deny them even if green men walk into a stage. He’s made his decision out of closed mindedness. I’m thankful others still keep an open mind!!!

  8. What threat? The only threat here are humans!! I believe that if Aliens wanted to do something to us they would have done it a long time ago. Maybe they are here because they belong here too, and are worried about us destroying the planet which is part of this universe that is home to millions of other beings. Humans are so egocentric and disgusting for thinking that they possess everything under the sun. What about keep us safe from our own species!!!

  9. CNN tell the public about The Great Reset. Why are you hiding it? Is it because when America finds out, they will burn you to the ground and rip the government apart? Tell America where Cancel culture, resurrection of racism, loss of cash, elimination of jobs, critical race theory in schools, and lockdowns came from. Dear America, when you hear leaders use terminology of build back better, unique opportunity, equity and inclusion and re-imagine and the talks of resources, that is the Global Elites speaking through your leaders. CNN tell the public why Bill Gates bought all that farmland. Why don't you introduce Klaus Schwab to America so they can see him for themselves. Tell the truth, I dare you.

  10. I'm not going through 8000-odd comments to check but no one seems to have figured out one possibility for this recent release and admission by the Pentagon. Should the UAP's start appearing in the South China Sea with both US and CCP Navies in close proximity, at least they (both sides) can now say, "Hey, they're not ours!'

  11. Project blue beam starts…

    1.now we shall get used to the idea of the presence of ufos

    2. then there will be a fake aggression of the ufos

    3. There will be martial law all over the world, human rights, civil laws, personal rights will be extinguished

    4. There will be one single crisis team for the world which will become the world governement….
    And the great reset is ready.

    So now we have the first step… bombardement with ufo sightings.

    And no, this is not about the discussion IF there is extraterrestial life or not. It is about preparations for martial law worldwide with fake news.

  12. Yeah…if you think aliens 👽 are here on Earth, you are STUPID. There's no way they are here…even a level 4 civilization would have challenges getting to Earth

  13. we have multiple dimensions in the Earth itself. So instead of looking of outside. look inside.

  14. I hate that these things have been witnesses for thousands of years…. for the last 70 years we lie about it… and for the past 20 we claim it's foreign advisories… And we all believe this horse shit.. well done humans.. we played ourselves

  15. People should be asking why now. Why are they making sure they are being seen. …its a drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, its not a drip anymore the tap is turning

  16. The fake alien invasion.
    The new cold war terrorism pandemic fear method for population control.

  17. Seriously, how can one still not believe that theres extraterrestial life out there.

    Just check the facts:
    There are about 6 billion ( earth like planets in the milky galaxy alone.

    We have discovered about 200 billion ( other galaxies in the observable universe.

    The unobservable universe is about 250 as big as the observable universe.

    Do the math * * 250

    Life is out there, it is everywhere.

  18. Hey Chris your news stations butt is getting sued. 🤣🤣🤣 this is what you get when you guys lied to the American people…… and I hope he takes the money from the lawsuit and donates it to Trump when he runs again and fixes everything biden has done. https://youtu.be/9zRBsl1hNM8

  19. Interesting. Three points I consider throughout all of this. They've been seen going in and out of the oceans. Life in our oceans have had millions more years to evolve than any other form of life. The NAVY is responsible for dealing with the matter of UAPs and UFOs, but not the airforce or any other branch of the military. … I wonder 🤔

  20. If it is Chinese tech, someone in power should launch all of the USs nuclear arsenal on China. The world will end in flames and radiation, but that is preferable to a humanity ruled by China. Let’s hope it aliens or maybe super compartmentalized secret US technology.

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