Roswell & Area 51 TRUTH Revealed | This Is Why | 7NEWS UFO Documentary Explainer Video

You may have heard of Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51. But do you know the FULL story? In this video, we explain the true history of the world’s most controversial events. Subscribe here:

For more than 70 years, the truth about what really happened has never been revealed.

But, we know more now than ever. Watch our explainer video on why Roswell, the reported UFO crash, and the bizarre truth about Area 51. We revela the history about the site, and unlock the secrets.

Every day, right around the world, news is breaking, all the time. Some stories and topics are complex, confusing, or need some explanation. A breakdown of the news, so we can all understand, and learn.

Welcome to This Is Why, with Michael Usher.
A news explainer like no other.

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