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  1. I think 🤔 those Aliens came when out naive President FDR and Truman did all those nuclear tests. We became a threat to ourselves and our world. I'd like to think they stopped further nukes from being dropped after Japan. I also believe that our leaders have caught some of them and have been "playing Dr" for decades. At the same time, area 51 is a base where skunkworks (secret stealth tech) was being tested. I wish they would just release more documents. The news won't use them (unless they are white and 1 black and ones a police officer) They have kept it secret because people would panic
    Example Covid 19 Toliet paper

  2. That looked like a pretty big crater… no weather balloon is going to make such a crater.

  3. they found the ship and 3 aliens two were dead and one was barely alive

  4. Don't much care for the male host and his approach to this interview/segment.

  5. My brothers and I found a weather balloon out in the desert in AZ when we were very young . We knew exactly what it was instantly .

  6. The problem with Mr. Schmitt is that he is a well documented liar . Shame on him. .

  7. i just find it hard to believe that a ship or vessel that is capable of traversing both space and probably time as well is going to clip a windmill and crash here in the desert?? Just doesn't make sense

  8. What a stupid question by the announcer; "Wouldn't aliens who came from another place be able to observe without landing in a corn field?" Its those types of wiseass and stupid comments that have kept reliable eyewitnesses from coming forward. He asked the question not in a serious way, but to ridicule. It made no sense. Roswell was a desert, not a cornfield, and it was a crash site, not a landing. I doubt no matter how advanced a civilization or species is, you can eliminate malfunctions or failures, and certainly traveling to environments unknown you are subject to failures. Secondly, who knows, if we are in fact being visited, (and govt and military reporting is beginning to back that idea up!) what that species wants, or is here for or what their intentions are. So the question is stupid and sarcastic. I don't know, does a craft land to take samples? Do repairs? Check out an environment, refuel, etc… or is it having mechanical issues, no matter how sophisticated the craft. In any case, the announcer was either wising off, or being ignorant.

  9. you can use radio waves as a weapon, lasers etc we have advanced technology thats not publicly used for situations like UFOS and higher intelligence. you'd be mindblown. but you'll never fully know about it unless you can land an above top secret security clearance and be in the right job and position at the right time. Mostly the really great electrical engineers like steinmetz, nikola tesla etc and now modern day Eric Dollard get to know about this type of information.

  10. Don't you just love these condescending hosts. Stick to your script. Sell outs.

  11. There were 7 crash retrieval’s in New Mexico since 1945! The first was at San Antonio. The furthest crash site from Roswell was at Heart canyon, Aztec. So it seems more than likely that The Roswell debris was an ET craft.

  12. Here's the Roswell alien autopsy video, the only one still on the net, this one only allowed as the authors claimed it was fake, made with animal parts.The authors didn't note that the date stamp on the movie film showed a triangle and square. It was on KodakXX B&W film. That film was no longer made after 1953,, so would have deteriorated too much to have been re-made. Search. '' YouTube. Spiroz-Spiz.The Alien Autopsy''. Ets? Millions have full disclosure, having opened Swiss Billy Meier's site.. with 1700, recorded face to face chats since 1943, and leaving us with 45,000 pages of data..

  13. Yeah sure, they called a special plane to haul off a weather ballon because they didn't know what it was…-Hoover FBI Memo mentioning the transport of items.

  14. The US military have known aliens exist for decades. The military is a ‘constant’ whereas the government changes all the time, so the military were allowed to keep some BIG secrets from the government. It’s quite possible that most politicians over the years never knew about the alien secret, with the possible exception of certain presidents. But now times are changing. Politicians want answers and the military just want all this alien talk to go away. Their ‘happy time’ was when anyone mentioning aliens was mocked and ridiculed. Now people are coming forward, with technology catching these things. We all want answers and I dont think this is going to go away again.

  15. Major Jesse Marcel, one of the first military responders has been on the record that the crash site’s debris field was of the order of 12 football fields, and some of the metallic objects recovered there were as thin as a cigarette foil (foil paper laminate) and yet so strong that a crowbar would bounce off of them! Does any of that sound like a freaking balloon crash to you?!

  16. US govt insider, "Mike from Around the World", has disclosed that the govt worked with a SATANIST who conjured up ALIENS (DEMONS) resulting in ROSWELL. The govt extracted ancient advanced technology from these sinister Fallen Angels. ALIEN ABDUCTIONS have been stopped when the victims rebuked the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, thru faith. COW MUTILATIONS caused by satanists and demons. LA Marzulli has done extensive research and has a YouTube channel.

  17. It was the atomic bombs that echeod into space and the 👽's heard the loud booms and they came to see what it was.Then lightning hit their 🛸 and knocked them down.

  18. I heard it was an outfitted glider with 3 surgically mutilated children to look like aliens and an alien craft. Seems like the most believable theory if bodies were found

  19. You guys need to pay more attention to what you've watching. Nobody caught that alien impostor slipping at the mouth after 2:02 He had a slip up there. Just revealed his mother language. Watch the sound that comes from his mouth when he opens it after 2:02. I'm surprised his fake skin didn't melt off of his face. They need to improve their disguises. All that technology and they still can't pull off a skin job.

  20. Secret V2 tests used monkeys around the time of Roswell. Then Jesse Marcel reportedly spoke to journalists and they went with flying discs. Then the Military had to make him the fall guy because the V2 tests were secret and part of the US space program. Then you get the balloon excuse. Alien autopsy = monkey vivisection. 🙂

  21. Watch unsolved mysteries season 2 :episode 1 Jesse Marcel sr. Explains what he saw in Roswell before he passed away. Shocking

  22. Events have been muddied so much that even the Government does not know the truth any more.

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