Rubicon UC2 vs RST X-2 vs UFO Alert | In Depth Comparison & Analysis

This is a very in depth analysis of the comparison between these quite similar balls.

For more information on layouts, core numbers, and basic bowling ball tech, please see Storm’s Pin Buffer Layout System trilogy!

Video 1 – Pin to PAP:
Video 2 – PSA to PAP:
Video 3 – Pin Buffer Distance:

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Layout: Luke – 4.75 x 3.5 x 3.5, Angel 4.125 x 3.375 x 2.5
Surface: 1500 grit polish (Box)
My personal stats are: 375 revs, 16 mph speed, 7 degrees tilt, 40 degrees angle of rotation
Angel’s: 325 revs, 15 mph speed, 10 degrees tilt, 60 degrees angle of rotation

Special Thanks: Chad McLean (Storm), Brett Cooper (Storm), Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (Turbo), Larry Burton (Royal Crest Lanes), Jessy Bauer (Royal Crest Lanes), Rocky Russell (Royal Crest Lanes), Nick Brown (SRGBBFS), Evan Ruffini (, Jim Nemeth (CoolWick), Cliff Barnes (Bowler’s Mart)

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32 Comments on “Rubicon UC2 vs RST X-2 vs UFO Alert | In Depth Comparison & Analysis”

  1. I've been throwing a Zen for this clean, medium-ish, angular spot in my bag and have been very happy with it as well.

  2. Nice improvements on the comparison Vid, Much more informative for entry level, Mid tier and experienced Bowlers!

  3. Great video. I already have the alert and the x2 and I can see the small differences in them. Both great balls. Since my favorite ball is the x1 I tend to stick with the x2 more due to the better compliment and them sharing the same core but this video gave a great in depth look that I never considered

  4. If this is the new format, I'm all in. You're in such a powerful position when you have access to every ball and can directly compare the intricacies of them, not just the hook and backend. As bowlers, I think we're all aware there are no bad balls anymore, only balls the match specific styles. So if you're going to breakdown and compare similar balls for multiple styleszones then what more could people ask for?
    I was looking for benchmark symmetric ball to start this year's league. I tried to do everything I could to compare and contrast the Idol Synergy and the Zen, but the best I could find was using your 3 ratings for hooklengthback end. If there was a video like this, I could have made such a better, more educated, and informed decision before I made the plunge.
    I also love the 3 ball comparison over just 2, as it really helps give a wider spectrum. All too often ball reviews just talk about how good the new ball is, but what bowlers want to really know, is how does it compare or differ from what we already own, or our alternative options for that same 'style' of ballsshapemotion.
    Best of luck with the new format, I hope I'm not the odd man out.

  5. How's the dark code fit in? Lol that's a joke great video love the extra explanation even if I might have to watch it a few times to fully understand lol

  6. Loved this comparison, I have a UC2 and got a lot of good info from this. How about a axiom pearl and zen comparison like this? I ended up getting the zen because I heard too much good about it while already having an axiom pearl.

  7. This video is fantastic! Gives great comparison between each ball and tons of information to soak in. Great job Luke! 👍🏻

  8. With no disrespect to your previous videos, this is the first video, period, where I've really seen the value in the UFO Alert, how it works in conjunction with others, and where it's best. Great video

  9. That's what I'm talking about, great video!!! When I started bowling, I was just buying bowling balls that seemed to look good when other people threw it. This caused A LOT of overlap, which in turn caused a lot of confusion and even more money wasted. Like I've said before, if someone is bowling league a house shot league at the same house, there is absolutely no need to have more than 3 balls and a spare ball. If you need more than that over 3 games it is because; 1. You don't have the right balls 2. You're the problem, not the balls or 3. You wasted money on balls that overlap. This video displays that perfectly. There is no instance that 99% of league bowlers need more than one of these balls.

  10. Yep.. This is what drew me to your channel in the first place. Now I can go back to my edumakashun on all stuff technical about things. You got me past missing my yellow dots and Star Trek Pros a while back. Now.. get off my lawn you kids..

  11. You nailed it Luke! My problem is I’m seeing some shape very similar to my Zen and I feel I have enough control/flexibility to shape it within reason or change balls to go longer/sharper (P3) or rounder/smoother (PM). Can you see a good reason to seriously consider one of these for me? 200+ average/ 2 house leagues and a sport league.

  12. SO i bought the Rstx2. 694 first night of league out of the box. Very smooth ball and went through the 3rd game burn great. I found to just let the ball do its thing and not force it. Very nice ball. Just what I was looking for. Great videos and thanks for the advice.

  13. Love the comparison by Luke, and the Alert seems to be the goat for the high rev two-handed bowler. Great video.

  14. Is it possible to get some of your thoughts on the relationship between the IQ Tour and the UFO Alert? Maybe that’s weird, but thinking about being a lefty with a straighter game, your words about the UFOA benefiting a straighter game perked my ears. Thanks!

  15. Outstanding! This is the exact in depth analysis people need and the zone comparison is crucial because most people are looking for a ball to play a certain part of the lane to fill a gap in their arsenal… LOVED IT

  16. 1. This video style is perfect keep it up!
    2. I have the UFO Alert and love it and considered getting the X2 and now know I shouldn't. Thank you

  17. I really think a lot of these balls are so similar you really are just splitting hairs, they are so similar that i think it boils down to price and looks. Performance wise….close your eyes grab a dart and throw it for the majority of every day bowlers, Luke is very good at breaking these little nuances down but i think Pro's would get more of all of this intricate info but i think it would be far better to put all this in laymen terms for all of us league bowlers players that are just starting out would understand.

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