Russia: a UFO launches a "flash of light" on a luminous sign putting it out of use!

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The citizens of Khabarovsk, who are in the far east of Russia, still wonder what happened on the night of October 25, 2018, when a UFO stopped using a light signal.

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30 Comments on “Russia: a UFO launches a "flash of light" on a luminous sign putting it out of use!”

  1. UFOs, whatever they are, could be beyond our comprehension. I don't see it as beyond the realms of possibility for one to do something like destroy a neon sign.
    But yeah, its probably a drone.

  2. Well, it looks like the weaponry works fine. Maybe the aliens wanted to share some of the fun that these young people enjoyed. Just saying…

  3. The people filming are Laughing as they look up before the neon goes bang…'s teeneages with a drone that crashed into it . Nothing too see here 😥

  4. the people on the ground were anticipating that you could hear them anticipating it that was like drone or something

  5. John McCain didn't die,you atheist,his spirit,is driving,he was aming for the Russian propaganda house,owned by Trump, probably?to save freedom,good always,wins in the end.

  6. I say B.S… The person filming this was clearly filming the neon sign from the beginning cause he/she knew it was going to be "shot" at…

    I am about to delete your channel from my list since you are posting so many crapy videos

  7. It's way too fast for a drone, and lazer impulse shoot so accurate, right in the first letter of the sign…. Amazing!

  8. I quite sure it try to go thru it or did … But y not go on roof and see if it did .. that’s wasn’t a light or Ray it probably thought it was a portal… or its extraction point … I pretty sure that lil saucer crash somewhere around up there ..

  9. Could well be government drones to try and convince the world of aliens for the NWO take over. Do not assume anything, but question everything…

  10. This is very simple…just go up that roof and take a look at that sign…it that part of the sign was burned, perforated or cracked, then an extraterrestrial craft was responsible for it. Ya lazy russian secret services, move yer asses 🙂

  11. Whatever you fo you're watching before it hit that sign it's probably still sitting up there on the roof

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