Russian News UFO Over Kremlin December 2009

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A UFO has circled the Kremlin well, that’s if you believe a short clip which has soared to the top of YouTube as Russias most viewed videos.

The film, apparently shot from a passing car, has become a sensation.

Another YouTube clip shot in daytime shows a grey object in the sky near Red Square.

However, skeptics say that if the images were for real, the public would have reported the sightings to police who have made no comment on the issue.


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  1. @bloodrhein no but i would turn on my camerahandy, every one has a camera in his handy today, and even if it was a few minutes(it must be longer, one is filmed in dusk, the othe one is by night) so there must be mor films about….
    would YOU dont give a shit about if a thing in this size is hoovering above your city??? and remember we are talking about moscow, maaaaaaany handy cams there….

  2. my opinion hologram notice the clouds in both videos their the back drop for the hologram. coming from satellites and possible a ground base. the civilian slaves of our world are going to suffer tremendously unless we pull our heads out of the gutter.

  3. fake vid its only a hoax unless the Russian public are in on the conspiracy, although it is naive to think we are alone in this vast universe i just don't think this particular vid is real.

  4. @UniqueleyCrazy 'Bollocks' or 'Bollox' is UK slang for the testicles and is often used as an adjective to express disdain. Bless.

  5. first of all if you believe that the gov is giving out the real info your not on the right track…they never did.. and if any of you guys were as smart as you say you are you would think about the possibility of having a government that could make up a plan and make you believe that they are enforcing it…but maybe they are doing something over there where your not looking now.. since your to distracted with propaganda..remember we have been in a war for 9 yrs for what reason?

  6. and i mean the best example was on international tv.. blow up 2 big towers… and then take out wtc 7 "wich contained secret service documents /cia/and ENRON …so yeah basicly they took the 2 wtc towers first then wtc7 while we were all watching the twins…. and to print it in your head real good it played non stop for a good week.. that my friends is LEGAL BRAINWASHING

  7. @deltabravox ''Your'' is possessive. ''You're'' is contraction of ''You are'' It's not that complicated, get it right, if you want people to read your comments. If you don't care, simply ignore this post.

  8. They are absolutely all CGI. Please kill these fucking idiotic videos and show that people who consider this shit to be true are not stupid. It's very fake. Look at how the object shakes with the camera and is not fixed to the background. Do this with all ufo vids you see. You'll find a lot of fakes and you may find some great ones that could be real.

  9. @Keelox100 to be honest i dont give a flying fuck about my spelling can shove it up you ***.. the main thing is that you understood perfectly just like you understand this 🙂

  10. @Keelox100 hahaha naa honestly i just took you for another spammer/debunker nothing personal ..ive had a few ppl bitch at a video i put on here this week of a ufo and im just on the defensive i guess lol.. not used to see soo many ppl complain .. i dont look to see what they are complaining about anymore i guess .. yeah english is my secondary language..sry bout the spelling dont wanna give anyone a migraine lol

  11. @deltabravox hehe, no worries bro. Sorry for going defensive my self. Lot of peeps use the ''Your'' for ''You are'' i was just giving a pointer, to something you already know. Thanks for uploading the vid dude, appreciated. Have fun and see you around. 🙂

  12. right this is not necessarily about aliens; i wonder what that coudl've been in the case if was real.
    we think we know. but we know nothing about what's out there …
    that's all i know

  13. If you put "nazi" in any sentence you are dumb ass who should be shot, no one started using that till Obama came to office. If you look back there were times you could say that about any other President. Since the midia hyped it up every god damn dipshit puts it in thier sentence like they know what that word means.

  14. @KrautAttack78 it didnt make sense to me till i found out about illuminati new world order ! the goverment is twisted search illuminati ufos goverment built them they are 25 years ahead in technology and there keeping it from us the guys comment rated at the top pretty much sums up what there doin

  15. @KrautAttack78 Se na Terra existe a tecnologia por trás do caça Stealth, da USAF, e que não é detectado por radares, por que pensar que eles não teriam tal tecnologia, só que mais avançada? Pare e pense!

  16. @pixarian72 É isso que dá ser um fanático religioso! Abre os olhos, xará! Jesus está voltando!

  17. Also notice why are there so many Movies coming out about extraterrestrials.
    Alien threat = final block for NWO, they're preparing the public for the event.

  18. @ChannelEden I couldn't agree more. There are many interesting UFO cases, but these fascinating phenomena constantly get ruined by peope who can't help but shout, “The aliens are coming!”

  19. There r thousands of UFO sightings, but a significant few of them just hav2 b real in one way or another. The thing u gotta think tho is this, whats to say those few arnt even "Alien" at all, but from our own governments how do we know they dont hav technology yrs ahead of wot we know now. Look how HD Tvs, Ipods, computers all seem to Improve every like 6months, its almost as if little bits of technology is released to public bit by bit.

  20. I am Australian. I live in Moscow. The thing is… Red square is VERY well lit at night. All night! People are in Red Square 24/7. If this was real, someone would have seen it. Everyone has camera phones these days! Looking up is not the problem either. Everyone looks up at the Museum, the Cathedral, and also at Gum Department store. It must be a fake!!

  21. How many people look up to the sky everyday ? How about every hour ? It's probably fake, but ask yourself this question, if it was real would you think it was fake?

  22. When I first time saw this video I were under great shock! Many people complain about the fact that there are only two videos about that iccident: the main reason that we do not look at sky so far.

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