Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO

RUSSIAN military shot down a UFO before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens, it is sensationally claimed in a declassified CIA report.

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29 Comments on “Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO”

  1. More planets, stars and galaxies in the universe than people and we primarily still think we're top apex beings within the universe or actually alone in the universe. The main thing humanity as a whole needs is an open mind, everything else of significance will follow.

  2. The beings didn't attack according to this story. It says they merged into a ball of light and exploded. The resulting energy burst spared those in shadow. That sounds like an energetic annihilation of some sort.

  3. It is absolutely preposterous to think that such a crude aircraft with a little missile could shoot down a starship equipped with far superior weapons and capable of speeds faster than light and being narrated by computer voice destroys all credibility.
    However, let's assume the pilot was high as a kite (pardon the pun) the moral of the story is if you fuck with our Galatic neighbors you will get stoned

  4. This is a clear case of not minding your own business. They shot down the craft for no reason, the soldiers got what they deserved.

  5. Well thats what they get for attacking an alien ship that have not done a dame thing .I have no sympathy for these soldier's they get what they deserve. They have never tryed to harm us before .its the like of the U.S.A and Russia big military countries that are causing all the latest U.F.O attacks .how.dare they… and then I hear they are buying plots of land on the surface of the fucking moon!!!! who the fuck does America rhink they are !!!the sooner the better u are all blown to peices cause ur countrie has caused nothing but wars and death of innocent people for centuries now ..its your turn to suffer. Fucking dogs is all u so called ppl are .fuck america. .. would love to have front row seat to watch it burn .

  6. At 2:01 followup to 1:40 … Its known that most greys are soul-less, that they are biological units. This sounds like a self-destruct of those greys (units) and not some kind of escape weapon. It should not be hard to figure out what can change humans to lime-stone. At my ranch from my childhood where I know wood fence posts were wood then later in my 30's they were petrified wood but none of the surround living trees, bushes were effected… and speaking to a Conoco geologist who moonlights as volunteer with National Park Service in Summers he told me that was interesting as it took such and such to petrify wood. Or in other words, why was the surrounding area not effected and only the humans and their cloths? The Dulce NM story's claim greys use a light beam embedded in their unit (anatomy) that they moved their hand to their chest then out came rays shooting/killing US Marines in their fire fights.


  8. Remember the Sodom and Gomorrah Story in Old Testament when Lot's wife Looked Back at the Cities being Destroyed, the Angels Told her not to Look back but she Disobeyed and was Turned into a Pillow of Salt…

  9. Did you read the report on the screen? It is hear-say based on a newspaper article. Of course, a newspaper report must always be believed. What was incredible, is that the soldiers were turned into stone poles. Really? Iff the aliens are so advanced that the three could merge into one sphere that turned the soldiers into stone poles, how is it that they could be shot down with such primitive technology? Were they sleeping or using the bathroom?

  10. Here's what I don't understand, if the Aliens can turn into a ball of light and stone people, why fly a UFO?

  11. Where are the photographs they should have been added for everyone to see? but that would have been to good huh .let me guess they were lost or some shit like that right.

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