47 Comments on “RWW News: Alex Jones: Maybe Aliens Really Do Run The World!”

  1. I only know poor billionaires, he is beyond satire this fucking moron, Putin watches infowars, amazing how he says that with a straight face, listen to Jones show on the 31st 1999 and see what he says about him along with all the other shit about Y2K

  2. Alex having a guest on and then going on a 3 minute rant seems to be a staple of the show. He likes hearing his own voice. Sign of a megalomaniac.

  3. Why is he always goin on about his connections? Anyways it means nothing it just tells you there's a lot of mentally challenged celebs and powerful ppl.

  4. Why would aliens need to go deep uncover as government officials? They master interstellar space travel, but want to go for diplomacy rather than just coming out and enslaving people without the smoke and mirrors. David Icke is an idiot. And Alex Jones is yucking it up for his stupid fanbase as always.

  5. I love it when white people talk about slavery and act like they know what they're talking about when they say that people in the USA are currently enslaved.

  6. The crazy aliens shit makes it easy to dismiss, but that bit from Ickes at the end sounded pretty dead on accurate.

  7. Reptilians are not in control of the world, Alex Jones… It's corruption and greed that's in control of the world… You and your corrupted friends know best…

  8. Jones is the king of the trolls! He doesn't believe a single thing he says. He's just cashing in, and if you believe him, you're an idiot.

  9. Did it occur to anyone else that Alex Jones with his jowl flapping exclamations resembles a somewhat successfully post Jenny Craig Jabba the Hutt? Talk about seeming to be an alien!

  10. The Spooky Lizards manipulated my genetics so David and I try to compensate for it with public awareness of the Lizard Agenda and selling my dick potions.

  11. I've listened to this 3:49 min video and I'm not sure which of the ~ 30 mentioned conspiracy theories he's actually rambling on about.

  12. Lizard people actually exist. Take a close look at Donald Trump's eyes. Those are not the eyes of a mammal.

  13. Actually, this clip sounds very left wing. It's about the 1% running the world, and this being a huge problem for everyone else. As Warren Buffet said, "the class war has already been fought, and my side won."

  14. Alex constantly talks about these Hollywood stars and billionaires (that aren't park of the elite made up of literally every Hollywood star and billionaire on the planet) and yet he is never, ever able to name a single one, or get a single one of them on his show. The only people he ever name drops are insane celebs or political figures that are clearly so far out of his orbit it's not funny.

  15. He didn't say what that title says. You people are the idiots! You people can't disprove any of what they are tallking about.

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